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I took my wife for a nice dinner Applebee's Grill (first time to Applebee's in years). I had looked at the 2 For $20 menu on-line and thought that the 7 oz. steak would be good. When we arrived at the restaurant, I found that the Applebee's restaurant in Salem VA has two menus- a $20 menu and a $25 menu. Guess which menu the steak is on? Yep, the 2 for $25. So, I settled for the riblets meal... Read more

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Been a regular on Friday night for 4 years . first it was the coconut shrimp that disappeared- back to Outback - then it was the chicken parm stack - back to Olive Garden - now it is sliders (crazy) back to chilies. You're losing me Add comment

Here in the South Charleston, WV, Applebees, no French dressing, no Italian dressing, no Russian dressing. The waitress said no foreign named foods. I asked about French fries, no answer, I asked about Irish potatoes, no answer. Are these people nuts? (Since I have to have 80 words to submit my review, please bear with me: words, words, words, words, words, words, words, words, words, ... Read more

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My husband and I had dinner tonight the meal service and flavor were good the portion size was very bad we left hungry for the price I was very disappointed we eat there about once every other month Add comment

I took my mother out for dinner at Applebees at 6311 Jeff Davis Highway, Alexandria VA tonight. We were seated immediately at a booth. And proceded to wait about 20 min for someone to come and at least bring us water. We waited a few more min and got up and left. My mother 94, had not been there in a long time. We were tired, thirsty and hungry. Many people were at the bar. Very loud, so I asked... Read more

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Slipped and fell at Applebee's in Rocky Mount nc. The manager acted like a complete butt hole. Will never spend another dime at any Applebee's ever again. Add comment

I went to carside order almost $100 worth of food. I asked for my burgers to be well done. I got home and all the burgers were pink inside not even cooked. The prices are going up on the food and the portions are gettying smaller. If your going tyo charge so much they could at least get my order right. Add comment

Worst experience in a real long time Host looked super RUFF as in hair was unkept and was tattooed all over her arms! Now she was nice honestly. My waitress came and was so cocky i wanted to leave. Now I order a steak and asked for it to be medium rare. They bring it and it was cold and was not cooked at all. It looked like it sat in a dirty mop buck of water over night and was heated up in the... Read more

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Awful service to me & my family. They didn't won't us there. Said they were out of ribs then I placed the same order over the phone for curb side service & they took the order and was going to bring it to me. I didn't take it! Sad.. I say no stars!! Add comment

I had Applebees last night the wait staff already looked as if they was irritated before we walked in the door they serve does raw chicken bites and the riblets had no sauce half of them did have didn't the house salad has not half of what is supposed to have on it they took the raw chicken that was already served and sat at the table and we cooked it and then still charged us for this not only... Read more

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