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  • 2 days ago
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • North Bend, Washington
  • Applebees American Burger
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My son and I had a bad experience with the food. At the Beaverton Or. Store on 185th ave. My son ordered the classic American burger that has bacon on it.I ordered the Portobello mushroom and swiss cheese. (My son dislikes mushrooms and i dislikes bacon because Of dental problems ) when the food came my sons burger had. Mushrooms all over it and mine had bacon on it. My son sent his burger... Read more

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  • Nov 25
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Spring Valley, Nevada
  • Applebees Staff
  • 8

Tonight I went to eat with my daughter for our usual mother daughter bonding night and it was a very disturbing experience. We went to the Applebee's at 1305 North West Loop by Blanco and 1604 in San Antonio Texas 78258 at the Vineyards 11/24/2015 and a server with blonde hair had horrible attitude and unnecessary profanity yelling at other employees towards the bar area. The argument was so loud... Read more

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Apple bees is cheating customer advertising 2 per 20 meals and them they add 2.00 extra per steak they added a fine print to their 2 per 20 meal on steak only and the waiters or management don't care when you complaint. Add comment

  • Nov 19
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Toledo, Ohio
  • Applebees Food
  • 19

I went to AppleBee's on Central Avenue in Toledo, Ohio with my husband on September 7th on labor day for dinner. I ended up getting sick and missing work. The staff told us they were short handed and that they were short a cook also. We waited over a hour to be seated and then when we got our food it was cold. On top of it I got sick from my food and I called the store that I had got sick gave... Read more

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My grandfather is a retired veteran of 20 years 4 months and 22 days and was refused a reserved seat on veterans day, mind you he is on oxygen and is diabetic. . Terrible customer service in Newport news va Add comment

  • Nov 16
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Findlay, Ohio
  • Applebees Food
  • 13

I am a very frequent customer at Applebees in Findlay,Ohio. I have to say of late that this is the most poorly run restaurant I have been in...and....I eat in many. There is no management, front of house to back. I am eating here now and one of employees just about walked out because of a waitress. No one to supervise or take command. You have a sinking ship here. Time after time I see... Read more

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Just waited for 20 minutes and still not seated. Said have 2handicap tables and both with non handicap people. Counted 27people came and seated. Have 6 handicap parking spaces. 2 tables. Not waiting any longer. Promise to never returne to an Apple bees. More bad expierances than good Add comment

Got food poison from eating fish. It was not done in middle. It was raw in middle last monday 9, 2015 at 12:30 Add comment

First of all im 17 years old and she asked if i would like an alcoholic beverage and 2nd of all my food was cold when she brought it to me Add comment

We had a group of 18 people and we are told that they do not do reservations. We are sitting there and a group of 20 come in and are seated directly. Martinsville va Applebee's needs to get it right. Add comment

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