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I had ordered a perfect martini and I found a gnat in my drink and the manager just offer to take the Drink and my food off the check and the remainder of the check was $45.97. I wasn't satisfied with that, because after seeing that insect in my drink I felt ill and nauseated, I think he should have settled the whole bill. I couldn't even finish my meal. This was in Tuscaloosa Alabama ( University Mall) My name is Alfreda Jones /email address... Read more

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My family and I went to this Applebee's on May 21st 2016 around 6:30pm. My daughter has a service dog. The mgr at that point cornered my daughter and proceeded to grab the service animal and proceeded to go through the service dogs vest. Not only did this embarrass my daughter, but it put her safety at risk. While the mgr was grabbing for the service animal, the service animal could have missed important medical cues that put my daughters health... Read more

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I am not one to usually submit a review or complaint, but this needs to be done. I don't believe the use of honey, baby, sugar, sweetie, dude, guy, bud, buddy, bro and other unprofessional language is "UNACCEPTABLE"... Customers want to be respected, it's really that plain and simple! No one wants to spend their hard earned money in a place where they lack common courtesy, manners and respect. Calling males customers in their 50's dude, man, guy... Read more

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How greedy do you have to be to serve that meat glue ***. Add comment

The waitress was rude & never checked to see if everything was alright. No manager walking around that we could talk too. When ordering ,she waited until after the order was placed to tell us they were out of ribs. This isn't the first time this happened either. The check was brought to the table & we were never asked about dessert. When she came back with our change, after paying the check, she abruptly turned around & walked away. Never saying... Read more

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I posted a complaint on this site and cannot find it, but I will post it again. My kids and i visited Applebees i Cartersvile May 5th 2016 Cinco De Mayo.I ordered the $5 quesadillas. I ate 2 and as I bit into the 3 rd one, I noticed what looked like mop threads or a frayed piece of a dish rag stuck in the cheese. I became sick to my stomach. I told the waiter... he reported to the manager. The manager apologized and said that its just as bad as... Read more

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Was at Applebee's in Latham New York tonight and I have never dealt with anything as bad as what I did tonight. The bartender whose name is Tiffany tried to charge us for a round of drinks that we never received. We had proof of this with our receipt. We tried to show her this and ask to see the manager and she crumpled up our receipt and told us we couldn't see the manager. She was clearly drunk and slurring her words and she was accusing us of... Read more

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On May 10th at pm my friend and I visited your restaurant and were both disappointed with the service and the meal. I have always loved Applebee's and this is the first time we weren't satisfied. It took the server a long time to bring my friend a non-alcoholic drink. Her salad was disgusting. Just a small plate with lettuce and whatever else added to it. I ordered the burger with the fried egg and hash brown. It was cold and the meat was... Read more

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My husband, grandson and I used to go to Applebee's 1 or 2 Friday's every month. The only menu items we ordered for ourselves was the classic BLT. That was the item that brought me back to Applebee's after a few years' hiatus. I loved the Apple Walnut Chicken salad and would have that every time, until that was taken off the menu. WHY do you take away my favorite meals? Now, I can't go to Applebee's. Uno's and Panera now get our business... Read more

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This place is a JOKE the manager needs his head pulled out of his ***!!! STAY AWAY TERRIBLE APPLEBEES Add comment

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