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I went to Applebees in Tallahassee for Veterans Day 11/11/11. I sat at the bar since there was a waiting list to seat in the restaurant area.

I ordered my meal and 3 drinks. A man next to me (poss veteran) had his meal and several Long Island Ice teas. He got up and left the restaurant without paying his tab. I saw him leave and notified the bartender.

She tried to find him outside in the parking lot with no luck. When I got ready to leave and pay my bill I noticed his Steak dinner was on my tab... it was then subracted as a Veterans meal. I came in alone and was a paying customer and asked to have the bill corrected as not to reflect his tab "free of not" on my bill.

He ran out without paying his part of the bar tab. I felt it was wrong to hide his meal on my ticket. I don't condone theft especially by a Veteran no less. The manager told me to pay my bill I had to leave and he actually escorted me out the door to a police officer who just happened to be there.

The officer said "Whats the problem, your not being charged for his meal". To me, its the principle. Applebees prides their self on INTEGRITY and EXCELLENCE. They still have my debit card, got my money for my food and I am being told I will get my card back when I sign the slip.

I am not signing for something that is incorrect. All I wanted was correct version of my tab. They need to figure out another way to record "the loss" and not put it on an innocent persons tab. I was treated rudely, unprofessionally and unfairly.

I am still in shock from this experience. To be threatened of arrest because they said I was causing a scene when I asked to have it fixed is ridiculous.

I hope that don't practice this deception often.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Manager.

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so you told them their apology was not acceptable and demanded credit for a future visit to a place that you are refusing to go back to? :cry


THis site is supposed to be for legitimate complaints. Whiny babies like you ruin the credibility of this website. Next time you wish to complain on here make it a valid complaint.


If you didn't cheat on your wife you wouldn't have to explain anything to her.


Would you like some cheese with your whine?


I call this story total BS. Like the CEO of Applebee's really called you about such an uimportant and lame complaint. Thanks for the laughing you big whiny baby.


And about getting a life... sounds like a few of you need to get one...and you know who you are....

I see how you comment on alot this entries.... What no life? You have sit here and read complaints and add your 2 cents?

If even that.... LOL!!!!!


To all the nay sayers.... I got a called from head man himself...

He apologized and did infact admit I was a "victim of circumstance"... Since there is no other way to record the loss but on someone's else tab... Infact He thanked me because they will now be able to fix the problem since this isn't the first time they had to do this... He did say the manager should of rang up the new tab with the corrected version.

I am glad you people think you know what goes on behind closed doors and how this matter could of caused a situation at home. There is no reason why I have should have to explain why I two meals and drinks on my tab to a significant other if it wasnt put on there in the first place.


Really skiminby? get a LIFE. If this is the highest of your worries of the day that Applebees added a free veterans meal on your ticket then boo hoo and shame on you for not buying the guy/gal a meal yourself in appreciation.

P.S.: The only scam/theft here is on the poor folks that accually wasted thier time to read your ignorant complaint thinking you had something useful to comment on.

Thumbs up for our Combat Veterans

"All gave some some gave all"


They didn't charge you for the meal, what's the big problem here you big whiny baby? Just pay your *** tab and go on about your business. Thats just common sense which obviouskly you have none of.


The discrimation remark was NOT written by me. I can't believe someone can post under the same name and make up a comment to make it look like the person with the inital complaint wrote it.

I would never such disgusting comments like that. I served my coutry honorably, have family members still in the service..

and was married to a police and dispatch police and fire myself for 24 years. The whole problem is , I shouldnt have to explain to a significant other who the second meal came from when I went alone.


It's nice to see someone can add a comment claiming to be me and using the same name. #2 was not written by me but by some scammer. I cant believe people can be so cruel.


One more thing. I even told the man his drinks were not free.

He never show the waitress his proof of being a Veteran. They took his word on it. He basically came in got free drinks and meal and ran out the door. I knew it was coming.

The worst part is he admitted he got a free meal earlier. And one bartender basically admitted she knew him and just waved it off.

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