Richmond, Virginia
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I visited the Applebee's at 11780 W. Broad St, Richmond, VA for the All You Can Eat Crosscut Rib Special.

The first portion of ribs was good and generous. The second and third requests were terrible with only two to three pieces of ribs on the entire plate. I questioned the server about this and she said there's nothing I can do. I requested the Manager and he NEVER showed up.

On the fourth requested portion, I received a plate with just one rib and six french fries on it.

Based on this experience, I'll NEVER eat at Applebee's again or refer any friends and/or family there. This is clearly FALSE ADVERTISMENT...ALL YOU CAN EAT SHOULD BE..ALL YOU CAN EAT!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I would find a Southern style buffet with ribs before giving Applebee's any money.


So if is all you can eat, just order more. Besides you get what you pay for.


How typical. Kevin failed to comprehend the letter. He needs to stick to reading what his feeble mind can grasp, such as "See Spot Run".


You cannot comprehend the letter. This is not false advertising.

It would be if they refused to allow her anymore ribs.

They just don't want to give her a full rack and have her waste.


No offense but I think it is you who seems to have trouble comprehending the letter. He like everyone else who understands basic English is telling this person that this is not false advertising.

It would only be considered false advertising if they were told no when they requested more because they said there was a limit to the all you can eat, this was not stated so Kevin is right this is not false advertising.

How hard is that to understand? No need to insult someone when you are the one that is in the wrong.


People lack common knowledge. I have a feeling the servings were getting smaller so that people don't waste, if the person can neat more than one rib or two ribs, they need to pull up their big boy pants and tell them and not be shy, because like you said mommy is not there to speak for them.


Chill out on the ribs man! I bet they are glad you won't come back. You paid 12.99 lol


Obviously, they were tapering them down so as to prevent food waste which equal monetary loss. What was to stop you from continuing to place another order, if you were still hungry?

Unless you were told you could not order anymore (and your complaint does not state that) then it was NOT false advertisement! Sounds like you were wanting to shovel huge volumes of ribs in your mouth all at the same time.

Chill dude. Like I said, you could have continued to request more!


You're an ***! It makes sense that they lower the amount they give you after the first order, but you have to wait every time you order some to get your order. If they only bring a few at a time, it would take a long time for you to get as many as you want, which is what they're trying to do and which is a form of false advertising, even though literally they might not ever cut you off.


She is an adult, she can ask for half a rack if she wanted. They do this to avoid waste.

Retard learn the meaning of false advertising. If they refused to give her more ribs that would be false advertising.

You and your anonymous friend that posted two days ago need to check with mommy before making silly comments.


Children like the OP like to toss out big words to make them seem smart, but unfortunately they do not know what the big words mean and they look like fools.


I'm sure they are glad to see the last of you.

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