Thunder Bay, Ontario

On Saturday March 23 my boyfriend and I visited Applebee's (Thunder Bay, Ontario). We sat in a booth where I touched the table.

Usually this is not part of my worry when I eat out (I am allergic to shellfish), it is usually when I order. I happened to rub my eye and it became very irritated. I was having a severe allergic reaction that landed me in the ER. On Sunday the 24 around lunch I called Applebee's to make them aware of their unsanitary conditions and explained the situation, including the part where I paid full price for my entire uneaten meal which got thrown in a to-go container and un-drank alcohol and even left a tip!

The manager seemed nonchalant about the situation and was less than concerned of my severe allergic reaction due to their unsanitary table. The only comment that sticks in my head is "well obviously I can't give you free alcohol." Little courtesy was given and my health seemed to be not in consideration at all. In our short conversation he offered a $15 credit to satisfy my complaint. Even though I accepted, I was unhappy that the health of their customer was worth so little.

My bill totalled $50 which went wasted. The customer service at Applebee's for such a serious situation was horrible and I feel that my life endangerment is not worth a $15 credit as I am doubtful I will ever return to the place that almost killed me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Manager.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I am allergic to shellfish and have never had this happen to me and have never heard of it happening to anyone, for that matter.


If you have a very serious allergy then you should acknowledge the fact that eating out can be dangerous. Even if the restaurant did wipe down the table, there will always be some particles left behind.

Although I do agree that the manager should be more apologetic, I do think a $15 gift card is sufficient. I think its extremely bizarre that you even think you could get free alcohol.

If a customer said they had an allergic reaction in my restaurant and then wanted free alcohol I would totally call BS. Either way, I think it was handled fine other than the lack of "I'm sorry" on behalf of the manager.


This could have happened anywhere. I call BS


It has been a year since I ate at an Applebees due to an allergic reaction. I called ahead to ask if they used latex products in their kitchen and I was told no.

Well they did!!!! I took one *** and had a reaction to the proteins from the LATEX gloves used. We had to pay for food that was uneatable for me.

My family asked to see the box of gloves used in the kitchen and it was clearly marked. When they asked why we were told that they did not use latex the manager just shrugged.


If you are that deathly sensitive you need to eat at home. Applebees is not responsible for your body problems.


But yes in this case I think they are.I used to work in a restaurant and there are certain ways you must clean.You must use a bleach water solution when washing the tables.The bleach would kill any allergens including the shellfish.You should report them to your local health dept.Also I would not have accepted that 15 dollar gift card because in the courts eyes that is a settlement.If you did not take it you could have sued for the er bill plus pain and suffering.As for the latex gloves she asked about it and the manger flat out lied about it.This could also be a lawsuit.And no she should not have to stay at home because if the restaurant followed the law and cleaned the tables the way the law states this would not have happened.If the manager actually got off his butt to see what kind of gloves they used this would not have happened.It is called customer service and if they can not adhere to that they should not be in the bussiness.Next time they could kill someone with their lax attitudes.


No offense, but obviously there are some severe health issues (allergies) that you had prior to even going to the restaurant. The average person does not wind up in the ER for touching a "dirty table".

Your body is obviously overly sensitive and thus it was nice enough of them to give you $15.00 for a situation I believe barely any restaurant could avoid!

I don't even know how you can go about living life if every time you get in contact with something unclean you must wind up in the ER. Perhaps, you need to purchase a space suite prior to going out next time?


The table wasn't just unclean. The table obviously had an allergen that she was allergic to.

Regardless of weather she got sick from an allergic reaction or just filth , the restaurant any restaurant has to keep there place clean. Who wants to eat in a restaurant that is filthy!


Complete B.S.

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