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I took my wife for a nice dinner Applebee's Grill (first time to Applebee's in years). I had looked at the 2 For $20 menu on-line and thought that the 7 oz. steak would be good. When we arrived at the restaurant, I found that the Applebee's restaurant in Salem VA has two menus- a $20 menu and a $25 menu. Guess which menu the steak is on? Yep, the 2 for $25. So, I settled for the riblets meal (okay, but not great). I found out after the fact that the little computer-thingy charges for the games. The only other similar device that I have seen has been at Mickey D's. The waitress was kind enough to remove the charge for that. When I ordered my meal, I asked what came with the riblets. The waitress explained the choices, and I choose the mashed potatoes. They didn't come out with my meal and I was half-way through with my dinner before I got them.

When I received my tab, I found that my $20 meal was $22. The waitress was perplexed too and went to find out why. She later explained something about reading the fine-print about what came with the meal. What a crock of bull! I could have made a big, showy stink and embarrassed myself and my wife, but I elected to not follow that coarse of action. I left the waitress a 20% tip (she was good). My 2 for $20 cost me almost $30. Chump change for some folks, but not for me and my 29 hours-a-week job (thank you Congress and Mr. President).

I don't like the pay-at-the-table arrangement, either. That tells me that corporate management is less interested in service than they are in reducing the time that wait staff interact with patrons.

After the waitress explained the "fine print" segment of our meal, she expressed hope that next time we would know better how to order. I stated simply that there not be a "next time". She expressed her apologies to us and left that den of corporate thieves.

An individual should not have to read a legal disclaimer (in incredibly small print in low light) prior to ordering a nationally advertised special. Believe me, I won't make that mistake again!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Wow! You are a drama queen.

Quit blaming the President and Congress for your 29 hour a week job. Either find a new job, get a second one or get a better education.

Either way the job is on you. Grow up.

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