Morgantown, West Virginia

The Applebee's in Morgantown WV is going to ***. Food is terrible, service is poor and the management needs a good going over. After a visit on 3-14-08, I will never return.

It took 15 mins. to be seated, another 22 mins. for the server to take our drink orders,10 more to get it right, and 1hr and 5 mins. for our food from the time we placed our order.

The food was cold when it arrived and looked like it was dumped onto the plate. While waiting for our order we could hear a female voice cussing and verbally abusing the staff (later found out it was the G.M. Betty Turner). We informed our server about the food and the wait and were soon approached by the G.M. Betty Turner.

We informed Mrs. Turner of our bad experience and she seemed to question us like we were trying pull something. At this point we paid our bill in full and left. The server looked like she was almost in tears when she brought out the bill, so we left a generous tip.

We used to eat there about 2 or 3 times a month and have noticed a change in the quality of the food and the general moral of the staff. We will find another place to go from now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Drink.

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I am an ex-server at the Applebee's in Morgantown, WV. I helped open the Applebee's in Fairmont, WV and I've never had such a wonderful experience, Mike McDowell (who used to manage the Morgantown Applebee's) is a wonderful manager and a great person to work under; I just fell in love with this company and my job while I was in Fairmont.

However, when I transferred to the Morgantown, WV Applebee's, I was shocked at how terrible everything was; especially management. I won't blame Betty because she did do a *** of a lot more than a few of the others. However she could have stepped up and taken control of management. There is one manager in particular, her name is Terri, who is just horrid.

She did not like me from the beginning and I was never sure why. She irritated me because when she wasn't 'working' or rather 'making the schedule' that she got wrong every single time anyways (Applebees works around student class schedules) she was out partying with the college students like she was 20 years old or something. Trust me, this woman is over 40. I thought it was rather ridiculous.

There was one man that always came in to talk with her and he always got a free meal out of it. I found out later that Terri wasn't even that great of friends with him, that he was a friend of a friend. Terri singled me out to yell at when something went wrong, such as there was no Sweet Tea made, (even though I had made every other batch that night) Finally, winter break came and Terri told all of the students taht were going home to tell her when they would be returning so that she could put them back on the schedule. I told her along with about 5 other workers however when I came back, I did not have a job.

Terri had taken me out of the system herself. Once I told her that she could not just fire me for no reason and I was put back into the system, I was never put back on the schedule. I showed up to work on my normal nights for 5 weeks in a row and every week, Terri had "forgotten" to even put my NAME back on the schedule, let alone give me a shift. So I was told to "go home" for 5 weeks.

I finally just did not bother to show up again.

If she could not even have the decency to put me back on the schedule, then I am sure they did not miss me. The management is TERRIBLE at the Applebee's in Morgantown, WV.



I love Applebee's, but unfortunately this one is not up to par.

I have gotten cold food there. Its probably because they put appetizers on special, and do the "ultimate trios" and cook things ahead of time. Consumers end up with food that isn't fresh or warm.

I also have gotten bad broccoli there that I am sure was rotten. They desperately need to step up their quality management in Morgantown.


My wife and I also use to eat there on a regular basis. Never again.

Not only is the food cold and the wait way too long, the staff is worse! The waitresses will happily tell you about their night before drunken evening..WHILE YOU ARE TRYING TO EAT.

We looked over in shock and actually seen another waiter actually sit with a couple and talk their ears off, as they looked around in shock with the rest of us. Never going there again.

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