Auburn, Washington

I visited Applebee's in Federal, WA on 320th st. on Mother's Day (May 11, 2008).

I had lunch there with my daughter. The manager(Chris) was there greeting guests, and handing out $10.00 gift certificates to all the moms. He continued to welcome guests and say happy mother's day to everyone seated around us, but never stopped at our table. After about 30 minutes, I decided to ask our waitress (Bianca) why I hadn't been offered a gift card or welcomed to the restaurant by the manager.

She was confused and approached him to ask him. Once she addressed him with the issue he briefly stopped by our table, put the gift card down and said " I was making my rounds, Happy Mother's Day." and then walked away. He never apologized for ignoring us, never gave me eye contact, and never checked back with us like he did the other customers. Atfer this happened I spent the next 10 minutes sitting there wondering if I had just been treated differently because I'm black.

I felt VERY uncomfortable. On the following Monday, I called what I assumed was the corporate office and spoke to RIck Dobbins who told me that he is the "top dog" and that the issue couldn't go any further that him. His response to how I was treated was, " I don't know what to tell you, I guess I can talk to Chris and all my other managers about this. He never apologized, or acknowledged that this type of behavior is unacceptable for representing this company.

I recently moved here to WA from TX. Applebee's is on of the only restaurants here that I'm familiar with and enjoy.

I am seriously considering never visiting Applebee's again. .

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I'm white and have been treated rudely by white service people. I don't know, does this make them racist, non-racist, or an equal-opportunity offender? I have also been treated rudely by black service people; should I just accept this as punishment for what my ancestors may or may not have done?

Were you the ONLY black soul in the place? Are you absolutely certain there weren't people of mixed race there? Were there Asians or Native Americans there? Were they treated rudely?

I seriously doubt this happened the way you have painted it. It seems that you were perhaps looking to be offended and found a reason to be. :cry


You are an ***. I hate that people always make every that doesn't go their way a racist issue.

Grow up and get a life. It's not 1883 find a new excuse.


If you said the issue is laziness instead of a black and white issues why make the topic Applebee's Manager racist.


that manager was being very ignorant...i am not by far trying to take up for him but i am white and i do get treated VERY rudely at some places by blacks and i don't believe its a black/white issue but more of laziness and disrespect..


nobody likes a ***

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