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It was the night of Fourth of July, and after watching a show of fire works when old friends we decided to dine in at Applebee's. I love their food but had never been to the pembroke pines location, But decided to go their since we we're already near by.

Once we got their we we're seated for 4 adults and already begin to order. Everything seemed to be going good UNTIL I asked my waitress Andres M for a to go box after becoming full I couldn't finish my food, and he embarrassed me with his unprofessional comments asking when was I going to finish eating it??? ... And was it my dinner for tomorrow night laughing!

He was very rude and sarcastic! Then once Andres M gave me my Tab to pay for our food I reached over and gave him the money which was a hundred dollar bill. He made another embarrassing comment saying "WOW" you must have just got paid!! Making comments about that's the only time people come their to eat or have real cash.

"No Try working a good job that actually pays good money." I have never experienced such horrible and unprofessional customer service from a waitress.

I did not enjoy myself and my waitress Andres M did not make me feel comfortable or satisfied. I've never had to make a complaint ever on anyone but this service was ridiculous and I will not be ever coming back to the pembroke pines location, 10135 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines Florida, 33026

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Take it easy. Sounds like he was just trying to make conversation and you turned it around on him. If you're that sensitive, stay home.

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