Jacksonville, Oregon
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I had the crispy brew house chicken, it was all grisly, I didn't have any chicken, I think it was processed instead of a chicken breast. The did replace it after everyone else was done eating.

I had to choose something else I didn't want, so I took it home.

I'll throw it out tomorrow. Won't be going back anytime soon

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Crispy Brewhouse Chicken.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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That is gross. But instead of throwing the replacement item out, could you not have offered it to a friend or family member?

Was there really nothing else on the menu you could have gotten? Also, did you try telling the manager you just wanted your money back?


Ditto; also I have had the mystery meat chicken. It is horrible; tastes like a cross between a compressed sponge and/or some kind of filler made to resemble what a filet looks like--no taste of chicken or semblance of meat texture. When I mentioned it to the server she told me that it is normal chicken and would not give me credit for the meal.

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