Beaverton, Oregon
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My family and I went to the Lancaster Salem, or location this evening and had the worst service I have ever had. We received our appetizer and drink and with this my son under the age of 5 received his main meal.

45 minutes later my son was beyond ready to go and the rest of my family had yet to receive our main meals. We were there by this time for well over an hour. The manager never visited our table and our server left us waiting without checking in until we finally received our meals. Our server did however check in multiple times with the large group next to us and both smaller groups on the other sides of us.

We are very disappointed with this service.

Our food was good, but sadly due to waiting so long we had lost our appetites. I would think that a family coming in with two children under the age of 12 would get their food or at least a check in more often and in a timely fashion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I feel everyone should be treated the same, regardless if they have kids in tow or not. You should have been checked on, and the food should have been delivered all near the same time.

That being said, things happen, and some people get better service than others, it happens unfortunately.

I always get *** service compaired to the seniors and people with kids, so that's not right either, but I just don't go back to those places. Lesson learned.


Wait. What?

You think people dining with children should get priority service?

You seriously believe that because you had a kid with you, your orders should have become the main priority, even over others that were there before you? Of course you were owed a "check in" but sorry, I don't think having kids in tow entitles a person to speedier service.

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