Kansas City, Kansas

Applebees has stopped listing drink prices on their menus. Do liquor prices really change so much faster than produce prices that Applebees can print meal prices but not drink prices?

They put a full page of their signature drinks on their menus but no prices. I suspect there is better profit margin on their drinks than their food but I won't buy drinks some where I don't know what I'm paying.

Applebees across the country seem to have emptier parking lots than every restaurant around them. They seem to be routinely poorly managed and it appears the poor decisions start at the corporate level.

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we asked for the price of coffee and the server didn't know the exact price. seems like a way to charge whatever they want.


isnt the purpose of the menu to list choices and prices? the waiters are not there the whole time to ask prices. I don't believe the soft drink / coffee prices are subject to rapid price fluctuations.


Prices on cocktail menus? That's just tacky.

It sounds like you stick with fast food, so I suppose you wouldn't know.


We like Applebees, we were regulars, but walked out last night when we asked for a Drinks Menu with prices, and was told by the Server they dont have one, he explained he never asked prices of anything, anywhere, whenever he made purchases of any item.


I agree with Kate, unless it's a specific special you do not see drink prices on the menu. You can either just order what you want or ask.


Can anyone tell me why places like Applebee's don't shop prices of their drinks on their mind. This is B.S.


Most large chain restaurants spend a lot of cash on making drink menus. They would have to spend even more money to post drink prices on them.

Why? Because each state county and city has different sales tax, rules and regulations.

Especially when it comes to alcohol. Did you know that in some parts if Idaho the alcohol sold cannot be distilled but has to be fermented?


I don't agree with any of the comments here, you shouldn't have to ask how much your drink will be, or your meal, or the box of cereal you buy at the grocery store. It's bad business.


Ignore the last comment - it was meant for another review.


"Are all those *** decorations on the wall supposed to make this restaurant look fun because they are overbearing on the eyes, have nothing to do with each other, and distract me from my conversation and the television/.\" Are you really that STUP1D that you would get distracted by a wall decoration? Do you chase after big bouncy balls in the street?


Boo who!!!! What is so hard with asking "How much is ...?"


Most chain restaurants don't put prices on their drink menus to prevent competitors from 'beating' their prices. If you want an alcoholic drink you should know that they range from $5-$10. Get over it.


The way I see it if you are old enough to drink you are old enough to ask the prices before ordering. It seems like a good thing you are not buying drinks. If you cannot use this much logic when sober I would hate to see how your mind works after a drink or two.

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