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I didn't have a bad time there But my son and my daughter in law work there and this manager IS THE WORSE!! My son has come home MANY TIMES with Burnt hands and fingers BECAUSE management Will Not get him oven gloves!!

That *** me off!! Hes fry cook and NEEDS FRICKEN GLOVES!! TOTALLY UNREAL! Of all the gloves have holes in them..REPLACE THEM Don't expect him to buy his own!

Tell the manager to order them And for God's sake pay the *** waitresses More than $2.00 fricken dollars an hour! No wonder you have ago many complaints Who can live off $2 as hour!!

Get with the times Applebees!! And buy some Dam gloves

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Manager.

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Make your manager Do her job!! Because She's Not!

Order your workers gloves! How ridiculous! And if the waitress only makes $2 an hour and gets NO Breaks.. That's against the law The Cleburne,Texas Applebees NEEDS A NEW MANAGER!!

The place has gone to ***!

The workers are great, and they get treated WRONG!

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