I had ordered a perfect martini and I found a gnat in my drink and the manager just offer to take the Drink and my food off the check and the remainder of the check was $45.97. I wasn't satisfied with that, because after seeing that insect in my drink I felt ill and nauseated, I think he should have settled the whole bill.

I couldn't even finish my meal. This was in Tuscaloosa Alabama ( University Mall) My name is Alfreda Jones /email address is

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You gotta be kidding! You found a gnat in your drink, so you got that free AND your food free on top of that (I would never have given you free food), yet you believe the entire freakin' table's bill should have been comped?

Unbelievable! What a greedy person you are! If you cannot afford to dine out and pay your d@mn restaurant tab, THEN GO TO A SOUP KITCHEN!

I bet you only got what you did by showing your *** and acting like a d@mn fool!

to Anonymous #1165742

Go and get a life you probably used to drinking gnats and eating roaches in your food

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