Cartersville, Georgia
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My kids and i visited Applebees i Cartersvile May 5th 2016 Cinco De Mayo. I ordered the $5 quesadillas.

I ate 2 and as I bit into the 3 rd one, I noticed what looked like mop threads or a frayed piece of a dish rag stuck in the cheese. I became sick to my stomach. I told the waiter... he reported to the manager.

The manager apologized and said that its just as bad as finding a hair in your food. I guess he was trying to console me, but that made matters worst, i felt even sicker. He aplogized again and adjusted my bill to $0. He told me that if it makes me feel better, their dish towels are normally kept in a chemical solution for sanitation.

So I guess he was implying it was clean.

Totally unacceptable and just plain nastiness and negligence. I was sick all the way home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Quesadilla.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Nothing pleases you, does it? You got a free meal, a gracious apology and still crying.

Save businesses the headache and just eat at home. Well, that's probably not even safe enough for you.


The point is after this incident I was still angry, so when I found out that after I went home that my son had left his jacket at the restaurant I started hitting and punching him. I feel bad for this now, but a neighbor saw me do this and called the police and now my children live with my ex husband and I have to take classes in anger management and parenting.


Its all microwaved food anyway.


Good for you!! If I saw you beating your child I would have beat your *** You don't deserve to be near your children and I'm ecstatically happy your ex has them now!

I hope your kids never have to live with you again! God is Good!


Hopefully she didn't travel from afar. Maybe she lives two miles from the restaurant.

Next time she has company at her house, ahe has her house cleaned. She would not want anyone to be offended at her lack of cleaniness.


Is it gross? Yes.

Is it wrong?


Was it handled? Yes.

Here's the thing. I think you were totally justified in bringing this to someone's attention and it seems like the manager fairly compensated you. But, mentioning twice that you.we're sick to your stomach is bull.

You weren't too sick to take a picture and you don't mention running to the bathroom to vomit. And, why would you? You didn't actually eat the towel fibers. I'm looking at then wondering why they're not yellow and crusted with these if they were baked into a quesadilla?

You then get all fussy and irate because a commenter AGREES with you. You're bat----.


The original reviewer did not write the rude comment to the poster who agreed with them. That childish poster is a known troll here, Kevin Richards. He does stuff like that all the time.


Or maybe you did.


That is GROSS! I hope the manager comped your food.

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