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My name is syrina millhouse and i was employed by applebees in gaylord mi in february, i was hired on as a waitress and completed training .i was very excited about the job because it was always busy. I have waited tables and tended bar before and i am also certified through the t.i.p.s program and i was told in the beginning when i got hired that they didnt hire right into the bar and that if i did well waiting tables, after a while i would be able to train for the bar and that was great news to me.

I started waiting tables and had very happy customers every time and was making great tips, i even had a couple tell me that i was the best waitress they've ever had and that they had family working at applebees and i was even more friendly than them and that they would absolutely request me every time they visited town.i was very excited about my progress and thought i was doing very well. That is until one night i had one table come in to the restaurant closer to closing time and both had ordered ribs, after i got the ladies their drinks and checked up on them a couple times they had explained to me their concern about there food taking to long so i assured them i would go find out what i could do for them to get their food out faster, the kitchen had been closing down and they werenr moving as fast as they should have been nor did i see any ribs on any stove tops and so i asked how long it would be until their dinner was done and the cook said two minutes while i saw him reach up to start the microwave...then i scurryed out to let the two ladies it would be two minutes.i then went back into the kitchen and grabbed the two plates of the full rack of ribs and they appeared to look like all the other plates of ribs that i had seen go out. I brought the ladies everything they needed and then i did my two minute check back and they said everything was great and that they just needed some more napkins so i gladly got them what they needed.after about fifteen more minutes i went back and gave them their bill reached back towards the back of the table and said my normal closing quote " im just going to set this back here ladies no rush or anything whenever your ready just set it near the end of the table and i will know to come grab it for you" i then walked away and kept watching from afar to see how they werw doing when i saw my manager will approach the table and ask them how their night was , not worried i approached him after to see if everything was ok and he informed me that the ladies said their food was i told him that the customers had failed to say something to me and i was sorry but i didnt understand why they wouldnt have told me that and that i had visited the table several times with the only complaint being that the food was taking to long he then continued to tell me how the customers felt like i was rushing them out, i felt awful and shocked at the same time and explained to him i said the same ending speach i said to every table and that i was extremely sorry for the complaint but that i had never had any of my other tables felt rushed out because of my ending speach. My manager then walked away basically ignoring me and not saying anything and an hour later i was sent home very very upset.

Crying. Because i had a table that was unhappy.the very next day less than a month into my job my general manager eric told me that i was being demoted to hostess and told that i would get better up at the hostess stand being a waitress and that the only thing i was struggling with was my choosing of things on the p.o.s system and ticket time, and rather than telling me this just isnt for me they were going to give me a chance. I toom the news like the good sport that i am and agreed to try my absolute best to get better in the two weeks.and i did ,i learned the floor well but still didnt get any time on the p.o.s system within the two weeks, even after asking for specific time for it. Throughout the two weeks i observed what i was told " some of the better waitresses" to see what i could improve on.

During my watching i opened the door for a six top booth to leave and was told that applebees had really gone down hill and that they had just ssat at their table without any service for 20 minutes.i tried to get the people to come back and talk to a manager but they were so mad they wouldnt.luckily that day all my managers were having a meeting and i reported the news to the highest manager that was there, turns out the table wasnt taken care of because the waitress that had the section and that particular table just didnt eant the table so she passed it on to someone else who also did not take the table.i was confused because i was told there was no transfering of tables just because you were going to be cut soon.and even if you did for some reason give up your table you always make sure it has been taken care of. Which obviously had not been done, the waitress that gave up the table was not upset at all in fact it was like nothing ever happened because not one of the managers had said anything to her about this awful mistake. And that made me very upset. After the two weeks were over i was extremely excited to get back on the floor i even asked to get back on the floor at the end of the first weekand my manager eric told me no and showed me a complaint from a table to show me why he was saying no.

I understood. I worked my butt of that last week and approached my manager eric at the end of the second week to ask what my waitibg schedule would be the next week because i had another job to work around and he said your not getting back on the floor until i tell you....i was extremly confused and said eric you only told me two weeks and he lied straight to my face and said no i said we would see about the two weeks. I live an hour away and this patricular applebees only offers 3.50 an hour with 1.5% tip share. I then asked eric if he for some reason thought he would like to keep me as a hostess for longer than another weeks to tell me now because i was not going to be able to stay if he did.

He told me it would be another month and i told him i would let him know the next day my decision.of course my decision was to not stay because i wasnt even making my gas money there and back.i also believe i was told the time period two weeks in the beginning because he didnt want to tell me he just didnt want me as a waitress and that made me very upset , he wasted two weeks i could have been looking for another job. I to have to make a living for myself and i whole heartedly feel like i was treated unfairly. I have never had any problems anywhere else waiting tables and to see other bad things happening in the restaurant and nothing being said made it look and make me feel like i was being treated manager eric that hired me in the beginning told me he played favorites and it didnt matter how long someone worked their the people who work will get the better hours.and that appears to be invaild because i was hearing what i was doing wrong but his favorites because they have been there for a while were not and i clearly saw this. I would like this to be addressed as i do not want this to happen to anyone else that is trying to get a job there.

The restaurant is extremly " clicky" and some people can affect what happens to others and that is not right. Also to have one complaint and then to be demoted is just ridiculous in my mind and in others that work there.other workers who had been there a while were informed by myself of the situation i was gong through and all that i spoke to were surprised and confused as to why it was happening to me.i would have loved to been able to work there but i had also never been told that i couldnt work nor even be able to be given the chance to prove myself.

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This is petty, but it bother me... the word is not clicky, it is cliquey.

Anyway, it sounds like you had some really *** managers who did not know how to manage. I would leave this position off my resume and find a better restaurant with better managers.

P.S. this Applebee's has a bad yelp rating, which can always be traced back to mgmt!

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