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Normally I love going to Applebee's normally everything goes good. Today, I was rushed to order.

The host wanted to take our Oder as soon as we sat. I told her we weren't ready. She stated I'm only a host ur server will be here shortly but I want to make thing faster. We again said give us a few and we had no rush.

She then said I'll give you five minutes. Came back took the order even though we weren't ready "joking" she said really... That's was extremely rude of her. So as she left withy the order not even a min.

Later I tell her I'm sorry I want to change it to ribs instead she and also now our "real waitress" said we already put it in. They try to make it seemed like it was getting done already I'm sure it wasn't. Never did they ask what kind of sides or what type of sauce I wanted. Ribs were soooo dry and at point burned.

Then I ordered desert through the screen at the table. Then tell the lady she said nothing was there and she took the desert order again. Comes out that both orders do go through. ..

Besides that service was not fully there I think the fact that we were rushed l several times was horrible. We are ok with waiting but make sure the good is good and tasty.

Honestly don't think I'll be going back anytime soon. -- Bell Gardens today 6/15/16

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Ribs.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You are not the only people they are serving. If you cannot make up your mind and keep changing your mind than you are inconveniencing other customers by taking a long time in ordering. Since you admitted to being horrible I am sure you won't be missed.

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