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awful service on 8/12 at the Applebee's located at 3428 N. Elizabeth in Pueblo, CO.

The receipt has the server name "Alexa E.". I can honestly say I don't think I've EVER been treated so rudely by any server in my life. I wanted to take a friend to a nice lunch. #1- when she came to take our order, I asked for a few more minutes and she rolled her eyes and walked away.

#2- I specifically asked for the sauce on the side, which she said would be no problem. Instead, I got none, and had to ask the person who actually brought our food out if they could grab me some. #3- never once did she ask if our food was good, if we needed anything, or if we'd like a refill on our tea, even though my empty glass sat on the end of the table half our meal. #4- the ONLY time she came back was to bring the ticket when we weren't even close to being done with our food, didn't ask if we wanted dessert, and simply stated " here's your ticket" and walked off.

#5 As soon as she saw me write out the tip since it was a card payment, she returned out of nowhere, grabbed it out of my hand, and said "I'll take that". My friend asked for a box for her leftovers, the server looked at her tip, laughed, and said she'd be back yet never returned. Is this honestly how anybody should be treated coming into your restaurants by some snotty little girl that's probably just working a summer job?!

Quite frankly, I am infuriated and want compensation. This was the WORST experience I have ever had!

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If service was so bad, why did you leave a tip?


The OP did not state how much tip was left, she could have written in a penny, to make her point. If you leave nothing in the way of a tip, because of poor service, the server may assume you are cheap or just forgot.

By leaving a few cents, you convey the message that service sucked. I personally do not recommend such actions, I feel a conversation with the manager is the appropriate route to go.


Instead of taking a friend with you, you should have gone with your parents. That way they can speak up for you and ask for a refill in your ice tea when you could not speak for yourself.

Your parents could also have spoken for you and asked said that you wanted dessert. I sure hope you meant ice tea instead of tea because tea is a grown up drink and not for eight year olds. As for the them forgetting the sauce, mistakes happen, grow up and get over it, I hardly think that this is something to complain about. They brought it to you later.

I like how you have the nerve to call her a girl when you yourself are eight years old or seem that age, an adult can ask for things they want. They don't expect people to read minds. Also compensation, you do not deserve any since you ate the food, if by any chance you are an adult and not the age you act get a job so you don't have to go around trying to get free food or compensation from restaurants by complaining about the smallest things, some which could be solved by a simple speaking up. You ate the food, you don't deserve any compensation.

Perhaps you should not be going out until you can act your age rather than like someone who is eight. Hate to break it to you but you sound like the snotty one here when you threw a fit because they forgot the sauce, I am sure you are not perfect yourself.

You sound like the snotty one when you asked for compensation for the food you ate. If the service was that bad why leave a tip.


I did not read all your rambling nonsense, because I immediately identified you as the retard that posts insane rantings on every letter here. I wish to *** your parents would monitor your internet usage better, you dimwit.


Friends don't let friends take other friends to Applebee's.

It was a nice gesture, though.


Quite frankly FFFFFFFFFFFFFF yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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