Rock Hill, South Carolina

This is one of the worst dining experiences ever. Service was horrible, wasnt even busy now i know why.

The food under cooked steak for my wife and horrible quesidilla, sweet tea was sour and my drink was empty for 15 minutes. I eill never come again, recommend that you take your family to McDonald's or burger king instead.

My servers uniform was dirty and she smelled like three day old sweat socks. Ive never seen such poor service, every trip out of the kitchen she has a mouth full of food

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It looks like you ate the steak anyway, so why complain?


This is what happens when $9/hour cooks prepare your meals. The staff at places like Applebee's are like revolving doors.

This is because this is poor company to work for and the clientele is largely ghetto/trailer park dwellers. And they aren't exactly picky in their hiring standards.

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