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We went to the Applebees in Findlay Ohio yesterday and the service was horrible. When we arrived they said it would be a 15 minute wait but while we waited we counted at least 11 empty tables or booths that we could see from the door.

After we were finally seated and ordered after about 20 minutes a manager brought us our entrée. He rudely slapped it down in the middle of the table and walked away without saying a word. I guess we were suppose to hang over the middle of the table and eat like hogs because we were given no plates or anything to eat it on. We finally got a waitress 5 minutes later to bring us plates but she was not our waitress.

When we finished our meal we ask for our bill and the waitress walked up to the register to get it. She spent 10 minutes there and when she finished she waited on 2 other tables bringing them drinks and paying there bill. She went back to register and they were paid and out of there in 2 minutes while we still wait for the bill we ask for almost 20 minutes earlier. It just really sucked and of course the receipt has no store number or website and they have no comment cards.

And looking closer at my receipt it says we ordered 1 2/$20 yet was charged $25. I realize we only spent $32 but that's not the point.

With the service we got it wasn't worth $3.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $32.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Applebees Cons: I ordered well done but it had an awful lot of red in the middle.

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  • Poor Server
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A couple of possibilities come to mind: 1. You and your friends were dressed and/or looked like bums and perhaps acted like juveniles.

2. They were short of personnel that day and as a result service suffers. It happens. However, from the tenor of your missive I suspect reason #1.

Restaurant personnel can quickly gauge the quality of customers and tend to treat people they don't want back with bad service.

Apparently, you got the message. Go back to Taco Bell.

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