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Hello. I want to share my dining experience that I had with my family on Father's day in our local Applebee restaurant.

This restaurant is located on 135 Town Center drive, Eagan, MN, 55122. Our server was Joelle S and the service that she provided was terrblie! When she took our order she didn't remember what we ordered and instead of the mozzarella sticks we asked for, she brought us onion rings. Then I asked for a glass of water, and 15 minutes later I had to stop her to remind her, and she acted as if we never asked her in the first place.

She never even stopped to check on us, to maybe offer one of us another drink or if we needed anything in general. Applebee had a promotion going on and I witnesed how another waitress was explaing to their customer about it, yet our server dropped the piece of paper on our tabel and left. Towards the end of our meal we were ready to order desert, but then Joelle came by and dropped take home boxes on our table, as if we were ready to go home, or even asked for them. At this point we didn't want to ask her anything and had to order our desert on the electronic device.

Our expereience was absolutley horrible, and we felt like she simply hated us for being there. The general manager, J.R Ritchie, was extremley helpful on the whole situation, and she appoloigized, and even took our deserts off the check. However, this was not the first time when this particular server acted this way with us.

AppleBee was our family restaurant for many years, and now we are thinking to reconsider that. Thank you for your time, Lili.

( Receipt #8214-443163)

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So don't sit in her section next time! It is really that simple. You will be happier and I am sure she will be happier as well.


This isn't the web site for Applebees. You are on a general complaint site.

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