Conroe, Texas

I would no doubt rate it a 5 star but unfortunately due to the lack of customer satisfaction we had a bad experience at the applebees by the i-45... Food was great!

But it took literally 6+ mins for the waiter to arrive and get our drinks ordered. He didnt introduce himself, it wasn't because i saw his name tag i probably wouldn't even know who we were referring to! He had no initiative and had no professional manner!!! Terrible service.

Called the store afterwards waited 6 mins for the bar manager and got hanged up!! Not very pleased for a first impression!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Waiter.

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I'll bet you work there and don't like the bad comments to cut into your tips. Twice I got very bad service there so not just a one time event and I eat out several times per month.

The service is terrible.

I think management is to blame when it is this wide spread. A matter of attitude.


I waited thirty minutes for drinks and after an hour and twenty minutes and no food, we walked out!! They were not even half full so not a busy time.

Even a complaint to the manager brought nothing.

He went to check on our food and did not come back. I will never, ever step foot in another Applebee's.


A 6 minute wait for drinks to be ordered hardly is worth commenting on. But the waiter didn't tell you his name?


That is the most horrific thing I have ever heard of in my life. I hope you are receiving counseling now, to help you get over such a terrible thing.


I go there alot and have always had great service, I think you just got unlucky. I want to call you a Liar, because I also order to go and they always answer and take my order quick. I think your just being a Debbie and expect everyone to kiss your ***


You're complaining about a 6 minute wait? Come on, get serious, that's a pretty ridiculous complaint.

Next time, try talking to your party instead of timing your waiter. You probably won't even notice the careful six minute wait.

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