Glen Allen, Virginia

My Name is Reina, I was at Applebee's at the Glen Allen Location Yesterday April 1, 2014. I went in with 7 more people.

1st of all I got there at 8pm and told them that I was going to be with about 7 more people. So they got our table ready. We order some drinks like about 8:15 pm. the drinks where at our table till about 15 min later.

They didn't take our food order until about 8:50pm and received the food till about 9:40. at 10pm I had to go ask for my tab. because I was about to leave. But some of my friends wanted another drink...

We Were laughing and having fun... suddenly the Person Who is supposed to be the manager (Maurice)... came to our table and said "we are not selling more drinks to you people"... he said we had been drinking too much....

All I had was ONE Margarita... My coworkers had 2 or 3 at the most... He was REALLY RUDE!... It is so disappointing to have people like that in such Corporation...

One of my coworkers told him that he did not have to be that rude.. and she said “well there it goes you tip”... his answer to that was "WHAT EVER" of course he didn't lose anything because he is always going to get paid.... but the restaurant it is NOT going to have our business any more....

he should just do the math and add it up to see who much money they can lose by the 8 of us telling all our friends about the type of service that they give at that place! It is disappointing.....

and Yes we were loud but there are ways to tell people…THE THING THAT REALLY GOT ME MAD WAS THAT THE PLACE WAS EMPTY... you have a good one… and good luck with such employees you guys have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Drink.

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You do not really have a complaint because this person probably saved you and Your friends life.You should be thanking him instead of trying to complain about you and Your drunk *** friends not be given anyting else to drink.The nerve of some people.


He may have saved a life that night. Who was driving?

First B

Hopefully not her because well she sounds like she was still drunk when she wrote this review, so it could not have been that long after going to the restaurant. However I wonder if she will be embarrassed by this review after she sobers up


You and your drunken m.oron friends deserved to be kicked out! You don't own the place, you don't get to make your own rules! That's also a pretty d.ouchebag move not tipping either!


The manager should be fired for allowing a bunch of underaged children to drink, clearly by the attitude in this review the OP is 11 years old. Do you really think all your friends are going to stop going there just because you wanted to get drunk?

Even if they do it won't put him out of business, you really need to stop drinking, all eight of you because it is clearly killing your brain cells.

Maybe he thought you were all drunk based on your behavior? If you really behaved like this while in the restaurant, no wonder he refused to serve you any more drinks, clearly you appeared intoxicated already.

First B

Following company policy is not the same as being rude. Not giving you what you want is not the same as being rude, yet if the manager allowed you to have as many drinks as you wanted and you got into an accident you would be suing them.


How was it rude to tell you you weren't going to be served any more drinks? There is a difference in being loud and what you are voicing in a loud voice. Another thing, if they were going to be driving, they had probably had too much to drink.


The Op sounds either like an alcoholic or some 11 year old who mistakes being rude for no. I think the alcohol is killing her brain cells as well as her friends brain cells.

It is obvious from their behavior they already had too much. The manager has a responsibility to make sure they are not going home intoxicated, especially if one of them is driving, and based on their behavior I can see why he refused to serve them drinks, it is to protect not only his business but them as well, as well as the people on the road.

Yet if they got into an accident they would blame the manager for not limiting their drink. Clearly they need to go to some AA meetings.

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