Brooklyn, New York
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The service at the Applebees restaurant in union ,nj is terrible. . This location is worst in customer service. We have been to other Applebees stores and know how good applebees is at other locations:.

This server is worst.. He forgot about our order twice and still didnt bring the right stuff". Being a vegetarian I ordered specifically food with no meat, he didnt bring the food for an hour and after an hr he told us its taking longer since the chef added bacon on my quesadilla and he is making it again,. He brought the quesadilla after 20 minutes and with CHICKEN, we couldn't believe it?. It was 10:35 already so we told him we dont want it, we were sitted in the restaurant at 9:00:. I didnt get to eat what I wanted to eat since the server messed up".This is the second time we got bad service,.

First time they forgot 2 dishes on our order. The service at this apple bees was terrible twice. My wife told me she doesn't want to go there again ever. I love Mozzarella sticks at applebees but due to this kind of service makes me think twice before going there for dinner. the only reason people go to restaurant is that they can get quick food, but at this applebees it takes at least 2 hrs for 3 appetizers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Quesadilla.

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Did you know your server does NOT cook your food?

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