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The monetary loss is nothing compared to how bad I am suffering with this I should go to the hospital its after 3:00AM still can't sleep between running to the bathroom and the cramps... send them the bill and ask for double the amount.

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I took my mother to Applebee's for dinner, we had an appetizer and drinks and we both had the Vidalia steak 9oz she said hers was very tender and mine was like leather I cut 2 pieces off the one end and one of the other and the waitress came over and asked how everything was and I said my steak was extremely tough she asked if I would like another I said no I just would not order that again. I was still chewing the same *** the whole time that she was there then the manager came over and said "Let me get you another steak, we sometimes have a tough one".

I said Ok and off she went. She brought another steak I was eating it and it was super tender I said to my mother this is so tender it does not even feel like steak. the manager asked if everything was ok then the waitress came right over right behind her and asked the same and asked if we needed anything else and already had our bill in her hand ready to lay down. I said no and she put in on the table I said to my mother WOW that was fast and said this is burning my mouth they must have put some kind of heat in this sauce, I kept eating, and finished it by the time I finished it I said wow my lips are even burring now this is strange it did not seem that spicy but the longer I sit the more my mouth is burning.

We paid and left and on the way out of the lot I said that was ROTTEN she said what I said that burn was not spice it was meat tenderizer. I said I think I am going to get sick. I said to her I should go back in but by that time I was at the traffic light and just pulled out. I was not even 3 miles down the road and had to pull over to throw up.

and again about 5 more miles the same thing. I is now 2:00 AM I cannot sleep due to the strong cramping I still have due to the super heavy amount of meat tenderizer that was put on that steak. That was done on purpose. When I was young and first started cooking I put some on my tongue to taste it and I could not believe the burn I had from I threw It away and never have used it.

NO ONE should ever be allowed to put that much on anyone's food. I should see about suing the company my lips are swollen from it and hurt bad.

my tongue is also swollen and burns no matter what I drink it hurts my tongue. I could not wait to get in the door when I got home to run to the bathroom I have spent half of the evening in there and there is nothing left to SHOOT out of me I have been so sick since this SABOTAGE!

I am going to contact an attorney for monetary compensation as this was a direct and known sabotage as any Chef knows NOT to use that amount of meat tenderizer not to ever be used in that amount it is NOT safe for anyone in that amount

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Steak.

Monetary Loss: $43.

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No I seen my Dr. and I have no allergies.

it was done by the Chef on purpose I know the taste of meat tenderizer and I could taste it for 2 days it was so strong. I was told by Applebee's they would contact me back I have heard nothing so I see they do not care either.

First B

Sounds like an allergic reaction more than anything, if you did not tell them your allergies you have no case.


Well I am sure this is the Manager and I will just put my clothes on now and head on over since I am 2 blocks from there as I have not been able to sleep and my lips are still huge and swollen and tongue is still burning like heck from the fun the chef and the manger though they were having... Have been up in pain. so I will head over how so they can see just what you/ they did to me


Maybe instead of going straight home you should have went to the emergency room. That way you would have a medical diagnosis for whatever your problem was.

More than likely your illness was the good old fashioned stomach flu.

Without a medical diagnosis you can't proof that your problem was caused by what you had eaten. I don't think you would find an attorney to handle your case without any medical proof.

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