South Bend, Indiana
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Was at restaurant in South Bend, Indiana on Portage last nite. Hungry, hard working husband ordered the steak that is in all of the ads.

It was tiny and had about 5 round, overcooked things that were supposed to be potatoes. I had a baked potato and the lettuce wedge and ordered a Long Island Iced Tea, special of the evening. My lettuce was fine, but had about 2 teaspoons of dressing on it....had to ask for more and was almost done when extra arrived. Potato so dry it could have soaked up a pound of butter and still be difficult to swallow.

Iced tea was nothing like I know. Was very pale and I swear had not a spot of liquor in it. After getting to car, we both broke out in laughter and headed to Dairy Queen so Husband could eat. We used to go to Applebees all of the time, but we will wait about 2 years before we go again!

Too bad, so sad for everyone! They will not be around for long. Will give our waitress credit. She was sweet, tried to fix things and was not trying to be our long lost friend.

We should have complained more, but sometimes things just can't be fixed, and I don't expect the restaurant to pick up our tab. We paid, but will not be back and will also ask others about their recent experiences.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Potato.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Imagine that. Everyone knows this place sells food and beverages that are low quality, but people patron this place, thinking they'll have top quality food and service and then complain about it.

I was subjected to eating here once...ONCE! The food was so salty, I just left it on my plate. The waitress asked how my food was, and I told her exactly what I thought of it. She shrugged, walked away and then came back with our check.

Because of her attitude, needless to say, she really didn't get much of a tip either. If she cared, or at least showed she cared, the tip would reflect that.


I worked briefly at an Applebee's to supplement my full-time job. The restaurant was clean, the food fresh and in my opinion, pretty good.

My fellow co-workers provided great service.

I quit because the clientele was absolutely ghetto...presumably something akin to "anonymous" below me, ranting someone weighs less than 100 lbs. I dare say they weigh over 500 because, well, food stamps, I hear, allows for some "good eatin"!


My bad. Didn't have my contacts in.

You said weighs over 1000 lbs.

I would presume you know all about being overweight and unhealthy eating! What did you have at McDonalds today?


I would, thank you. I'm an instructor at a fitness facility and have a degree in nutrition.

I see you've graduated from your mommy's 8 nipples straight to garbage eating. I don't eat at McD's! I did see a commercial with your face! Then I realized it was the California cow commercial.

So you're blind, 1000 lbs overweight and a m-o-r-o-n!

Who says "my bad" anymore, anyway? Welcome to the 21st century.


Another fool who thinks food at Applebee's will be fresh and the quality will be high. You want all that, I would suggest going to a better restaurant.

Applebee's food is nothing short of low quality, high fat, high sodium ***! You sound like a real genius and probably weigh 1000 lbs.


I had a rank meal served to me in Orlando, FL on Orange Ave. near the hospital.

I will never eat there again.

There is no more quality control. I complained and the sent vouchers to how back but it was not worth the risk of food poisoning.


Bobbi: learn English. It's a good thing they have pictures on the menu, otherwise you'd starve.

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