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Applebee's Really Sucks! What's the purpose of having a website that gives information about carside to go service when they don't honor it?

I called the Applebee's at 20505 S. Dixie Hwy Miami, FL 33189 and ordered $70 worth of food. After ordering, the waitress asked me do I want the Carside to go or do I want to come inside? I said carside, so she asked the information about by vehicle.

I gave it to her and 20 minutes later I was in the parking lot as requested. After turning the engine off I notice a waitress giving a customer a bag and receipt then head back inside. 5 minutes, 10 minutes later no one comes out so I tell my wife I'm going in to see what the problem is. Well, once inside the resturant, the worker (Natalie) who took the order over the phone greeted me at the door with a "one moment please" then proceeds to walk outside to another vehicle to take someone elses' order.

When she comes back in I ask if I could pay for my order now and wait in my truck. "I will take care of you in one moment sir" was all I got. 10 more minutes passed before Natalie came back to me with my warm food. Of course I checked my food.

Needless to say that the order was incomplete. Silly me! I thought that all she had to do was to go in the back retrieve another order of r iblets. Another 10 minutes passed and no food, no Natalie.

I asked for manager. He shows up and tell me that they don't have the carside service at their location. He asked what was my missing item and 10 more minutes later I finally got my food. Now the original order is cold.

What do I get out of the whole ordeal? A "I'm so sorry you had to wait" from the manager.


Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Manager.

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I didn't feel like cooking yesterday so we went through carside and Malissa was our carside girl she was great very professional all smiles and laughs food was quick looked great she went over our ticket I got shrimp Parmesan steak for the. 2 for 20 she was really nice she explained that there was a extra charge it was definitely worth it. -- Delicious-- food was quick service was awesome


Went to applebees carside yesterday. (Sunday ) my carside person was Malissa.

It was around 7-8:00 I'm a huge fan of the apple bees carside Malissa was very quick to get my food out to me she walked out as soon as she saw us pull up we did everything at once I paid in cash my food was right she was really funny and great every thing took less than.

5 min. I definitely want her again.


:grin What a story you tell! Go to McDonalds next time you presumptuous retard. :grin

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