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This afternoon at the Moore Applebee's, on crutches could not cook I order dinner for my best friend and her husband and myself ,out of our three meals all three were *** up.Nothing was cooked all the way and a lot of things were missing! And one meal was half portion it looked like a half of a kids meal!

The car hop person said she didn't see us out there we called. The other lady walked up n said she told her thirty mins ago. These people are lazy. I didn't tip her, if you don't do your job you don't get paid.

She gave me two free drinks,this was before I looked at my food.

She knew what she did n was laughing I'm sure. I did call and they gave me a gift card for the price of the meals plus some.

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So why couldn't your friend cook. I have known people on crutches that have cooked for themselves.

It wasn't anything fancy, but it was edible. Exactly what more do you want?

You got two free drinks, and a gift card for more than the price of the meals. You got a pretty good deal.

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