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Applebees/Creative Restaurant Concepts Complaints - Dehumanization of staff

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Applebees/Creative Restaurant Concepts

Posted: 2008-08-16 by Mad In Merritt Island [send email]

Dehumanization of staff

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100 Sykes creek parkway

Merritt Island, Florida

United States

Phone: 3214559898


I have worked for applebees in Merritt Island. Our store was one of the highest grossing stores in central florida. Recently, Creative Restaurant Concepts bought out our franchise. Before they did, we had a productive, happy staff, and got along well with management. Most of our customers are local, and we stay busy even on a strip with lots of competition. Then came the dehumanization...and lies...and inconsistency...and firings...and threats...and employee walkouts. Even our customers notice the huge drop in morale. The other restaurant employees in the area who work at places like TGIFridays, Chilis, Carrabbas, Outback, Olive Garden and Red Lobster...all corporate restaurants...have blackballed our restaurant as a place to seek employment because of what their friends who work at our Applebees have told them about the new Gestapo...er owners. Our managers have gotten beaten up mentally and verbally by new ownership daily. We all lost any accrued vacation pay, all took a paycut...in my case about $1500 a year, managers 5-10K, bartenders about $2500 a year, and are treated like children and robots by management...who is being treated the same by their new bosses...trickle down effect. We took a schedule from the first week with the new company, and crossed off names of coworkers as they were fired, quit, or just gave up and walked out. The list is roughly half of what it was just 2 months ago. Out of almost 70 people, we have lost over 30. The big bosses have come into our store and verbally assaulted many of my coworkers and managers and seemed to think thats how you run a business. I have never worked with such a small minded and micromanaged (that is another 10 paragraphs that I wont type about) company in my life. As the business dies, and training costs rise, I am sure the new owners will just yell at someone and point fingers about how horrible the management at our store is doing their jobs, instead of looking at themselves as the problem.

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i work at one in Detroit and we too get treated like non humans, the only thing that matters period to any of our managers is graphs and numbers, this is a heartless, ruthless company to work for.


It's not about finding a new job. The fact is that we shouldn't have to worry about where we work because of poor treatment.

I gave up and walked out of the Applebees in town because it was just plain unbearable. The management has no regard for their employees feelings or concerns. Never listen to what employees have to say. Constantly make promises and never keep them.

Limit certain servers to a certain amount of hours if they make them angry. Very unprofessional screaming profanities at employees out on the floor. Only remembering what we didn't do, and never what we did for them.

There is only so much one person can take. And the face that the corporation doesn't have anywhere or anyone for employees to share their concerns with proves my point.


No one deserves that type of treatment. I have worked our local Applebee's for 4 years.

I've never had a write up, customers routinely request my service and I average $18 an hour in tips alone and I can honesty say I LOVE MY JOB, however in the last year. I've been sworn at in front of customers by management, witnessed drug deals by management, witnessed managers in drunken stupors with hourly empolyees, seen illegal alcohol purchases by management among many other infractions by our new management team. I've seen 8 excellent servers walk out because of abhorrent treatment by said management. Seen the "older" servers punished with poor shifts and even overheard a manager tell another server to color her hair so she could make better tips.

I've been there thru 4 general managers and have not desire to find a new job!

The powers that be need to realize that their paycheck depends on we, the servers, the cooks and the hosts. As long as poor treatment continues, poor profits will continue.


I too work for an applebee's in the norhtwest part of florida as a cook, It does seem as though ever since IHOP bought out applebee's back in 2007 than things have become less than than satisfactory around the "Neighborhood."

It seems as though the upper echelon

of this 'now major' corporation is only in this business for the money, and has forgotten what Bill and T.J. Palmer originally had in mind for their

restaurant, which is "a place people could call their own."

The tickle down effect is 'I am sure' affecting all stores everywhere, I.E.

The employee tries their best to work their 40 hours,The shift manager's labor is too high therefor he or she does not earn his or her's bonus for that period, General Manager is upset at shift manager, so on and so on.

Point is I have been employeed there for 5 years and just recently have I seen this business drop 'not only in it's morale' but it's quality of food and how the food is presented.

Hang in there, this job is not forever. ;)


The losers that work our local Applebees are a bunch of lazy, whiney, do nothing, snotty, *** who deserve the treatment you just described. Find a new job if it sucks that bad.

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