Applebees in Atlanta, Ga Cascade Rd

Manager Frank General Manager Curtis Echols III

I havve a 5.00 off coupon with the purchase of 20.00 or more. They would not honor it because I had the 2 for 20 meal.

They said that was a discount meal.No where on the menu does it say discount meal. I took pictures of the menu.The bartender didn't make my drink. Tap beer and I told the waitress to take it off. Frank told her she would have to pay for it.

I asked him why does she have to pay for something that the bartender didn't even pour? He is an ***! Also the week before a friend of mine found a roach in her frosted beer mug.

They did nothing again.

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are you *** or something? of course 2/20 is a discounted meal.

if you bought all 3 items separately it would cost more than $20. for god sake if you cannot afford to pay $20 when going out to eat stay home and cook.


Why keep going there if it's so terrible?


Well dummy, why go to a place that had a roach in a mug? You are either lying or looking for trouble! I bet you're fat and miserable with a slight tinge of the smell of dirty feet.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48131

I don't know about everyone else, but this looks like one of those cases where no equals rude. However I agree with one thing, why pay for something that was not poured.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #48130

Wait a minute, a week ago a friend found a roach in her frosted beer mug and you still go there? Whose the real *** here?

Also where are these "pictures" you took. One would think if you were writing a review you would provide proof of being stiffed.

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