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A poster by the name of BooHoo and who knows what other alias seems to be following every post I make making vulgar/abusive comments.I will continue to report every post he/she makes that is vulgar/abusive.

I have a busy schedule so I must do clusters of reviews all at once.

\"Scammers\" want something out of someone.I don\'t want anything out of anyone,except to share my experience of what happened.

Original review posted by user Jun 29, 2011

This has got to be the most embarrassing and disgusting location in this chain.I ordered a chicken fajita.It came out literally burnt to a crisp and smoke was rolling off of it.

I attempted to eat one ***,and part of the problem was that it had been covered in BBQ sauce previously.That leads me to believe that they had prepared the BBQ chicken meat previously and then threw it into the chicken fajita skillet OR worst case scenario they are reusing uneaten food off peoples plates.

When we politely mentioned the poor quality of food to the manager,he said there was nothing wrong with it.Then he went and hid until we left.

Also,we asked for a styrofoam cup to take our soda to go,and they said they were gonna charge $3 for it.Also they said they had no straws,when other tables were being delivered drinks with straws.

To top it off,the meal was over $40 for two people.One of the meals (chicken fajitas) I wouldn't have fed to my dog.

Management is clueless/idiots,it's overpriced.Avoid!

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lil screecher

@Big Joe-this is a true account.I asked for a styrofoam cup to take my soda home,rather than leave it there to get poured down the drain?


P.S.....Your going to take your time to post on a blog you didn't get a straw?.....


At the beginning of your post, i agreed. but as I read further.

I think you are being a bit ridiculous, or at least exaggerating. I believe the food may have been burnt. But your assumptions of it being from someones elses plate is a huge, ridiculous assumption. And no offense.

But who takes their soda to go? You have all the refills you want at the restaurant and, hey, go buy yourself a 2 liter. It's only $2. Aaaand....It is not over priced.

$20 a person. What a deal for a restaurant.

So, I am going to have to say. (sorry) you "seem" like an annoying customer that just wines and complains about everything.

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