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I went in to an applebees in Irving tonight with someone I just met at strokers. They refused to serve me and another guy with me because we came in with a woman they did not want to serve.

Seriously guilty by association we were not even ordering her a drink. Im on a motorcycle so was not even drinking prior, I wanted a beer with my meal I guess I need to consider company I keep or wait I just wont ever go to applebees again ever!

I dont understand the lack of customer service these days, we were not drunk and were as polite as we could be speaking with the manager. So be careful who you hang out with because mcdonalds may not give you a happy meal if they dont like the company you keep.

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from the way you talk, you sound like you're drunk all of the time. chances are, the women you were with was a woman that gets drunk and causes trouble there all of the time.

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