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I ordered the sirloin dinner, I asked for my steak to be cooked medium, it came out looking extremely rare, and it didn't even look like real steak. I took a ***, and the consistency was not of real steak.

I had a manager take the steak back, only to return it a little more browned, but still rare. I told the manager that it didn't look right, and asked for a new steak. They brought a new "fake steak", as rare as the first one. I took a *** while the manager stayed and asked me how it was, I told him it was still not right, my husband insisted it was ok.

The manager left the table. I asked the waitress for a to go box so I could bring the meat home to look at it, and the "blood: was not even real, I'm not sure what it was.

I have never had such a bad experience at a restaurant, and it something I will not forget. I will never go to Applebee's again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Manager.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Meat glue is seriously weird!On my first visit to Chili's in 2003, I was served my first and (thankfully) last fake steak at the Chili's in Mililani, HI. It was supposed to have been a sirloin.

The shape of it looked artificial. It seemed perfectly browned/grilled on the outside but the inside was uniformly pink all the way through to the edges. It had a texture like some kind of very finely minced, molded, canned meat - like a Spam steak, only it was made of what seemed like beef and it tasted like some kind of processed beef product. I've visited 3 other locations and although I never ordered another steak from them, they were all bad experiences...

but that's another story.As for Applebee's, the steaks were always definitely real. I've only been to one particular location (Bristol, TN). I haven't ordered steak there in the last 8 years or so since I no longer eat steaks these days.

Makes me curious if things have changed there... I just hope my description above helps anyone in identifying a fake steak.

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Wow, that's absolutely not how I formatted my comment. What happened?!

It's missing line breaks and spaces before periods and inserted breaks where none should be. How wild!

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It did it again! This must not like my Android tablet lol...


You had a "meat glue" steak [Googlemeat glue] which is scrap ends of beef formed together and this glue bonds the meat as well and tenderizes/ breaks down the fibers, after a few hours all the scrap pieces are now one giant "steak"


Yea Applebee's uses some form of baked steak or "fake" bs in there steaks .. never will eat there again .. I also used to work there and is by far the dirtiest place in the kitchen with a bunch of {{Redacted}} addicts cooking your food


This same thing happened to me today at Texas Roadhouse. I got a sirloin and it was for sure formed steak!

No matter how you cut it you got the same texture. Almost like boiled hamburger meat.

Littleton, Colorado, United States #1189328

Had same experience in Colorado !!

to Anonymous #1463896

Same thing west virginia.


I am not sure but i had this problem at Chili's with my wife. I think they are using a method a lot now where they prepare them by boiling in plastic pouches which if done right can be good.

But if not or done twice it could be causing this. Rubbery. I used to get steak at Coco's also and suddenly one day it was rubbery.

I think it will depend on the chef and how they handle the steak cooking. But the texture being rubbery even if a little, even if tender, just seems strange.

to Anonymous #1319498

cooking method described here sousvide.


I just had a very similar experience at Chilies. Don't know what it REALLY was...pork steak maybe, but I ordered ribeye and I did NOT get that for sure


I agree with the formed meat product. It was not like a sirloin we have ever seen!!


New Steaks coming soon


Methinks you're just odd. Your husband sounds as if he's just putting up with you until the paperwork gets filed.


The steak really is fake ,,, does not taste or look like any steak I ever ate ! Horrible !!!!

to Anonymous #1123582

agreed ...it is not steak. not the conssistency or the taste. So odd


My wife and I went to Applebees tonight in Epping NH. We've eaten there many times.

Tonight she ordered the steak medium. It came slightly brown, gray inside, and the texture of a soft pencil eraser. The consistency was like formed meat in a mold.

There was no grain to it like real steak. Don't order this stuff...its not steak!


FAKE STEAK!!!!!! Me and wife ate at applebees in fairlakes in fairfax va and both of us ordered steak or what we thought was steak...idk what is was they served us but it was not steak and we have never complained at a restaurant befor...but i felt something needed to be said. I asked to talk to manager and he told me they are looking in to getting new meat there


Same here, I had that experience a few weeks ago. My son had "maybe" steak today, ordered it rare, sent it back because it looked like it was completely raw.

Got it back well do e and said it tasted like pork. Last time we ate there.

What is going on? Their steamers used to be pretty decent.


I too don't think these are real steaks and after eating a bourbon steak at Applebee's got food poisoning. I really am curious about what type of meat they are really serving?????

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