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We went to Applebees and waited patiently for them to call us to a table. An African American family came in - the called us to our table - the manager Michelle, took them to our table.

The hostess called us just a second before this family came in - we stood and were ready to walk to our table. The other mom said to the African American manager that she needed to eat right away as she has small kids. Michelle moved them in front of us and escorted them to our table! Of course, we left the restaurant!

I tried to contact the home office via an email - filled out many pieces of info., wrote the experience and then the form said they couldn't process as there was a problem. A problem on top of the one at the restaurant - guess we'll check them off our list.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Management needs to discuss proper restaurant etiquette and retrain the so-called manager..

Applebees Cons: Customer service.

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They probably seated them right away so they wouldn't complain of racism.

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