So the one beef I have with the company is as a server I am legally required to enter my tips. I have no problem entering the amount of money I am taking home, except it REQUIRES you to enter that you made at least 7% of your cash sales in tips (You don't always), AND that you have to report the tips that you aren't bringing home because you have to tip out the bartender and host.

I have no problem tipping out people who help me, it's supposed to be 1% of your total sales for hosts and 2% of your total sales for bartenders. But I am over reporting by at least ten dollars every shift if I tip out honestly. Which equals to servers reporting that they make about $200-300 dollars more a month than they actually do, which is a death sentence if you are on government assistance of any sort. Because all the servers know this they end up tipping out extremely dishonestly, and the hosts get the brunt of that dishonesty.

Most of the hosts know this, which makes them disgruntled.

Most of the servers are angry that they have to report higher than they make, which makes THEM disgruntled. It's an all-around recipe for bad service.

This also happens at Buffalo Wild Wings and Olive Garden.

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