Charlotte, North Carolina
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I really wish that the original posters on this site were required to post a picture of itself, hillbilly trailer trash or black female.... If you go to Applebee's sober after the age of 19, you have to accept the risk that some aspect of your experience is not going to go well.

I have a very strong feeling that regardless of which gross chain restaurant you frequent to get your $8 meal, you will find something, anything to *** about. I can already guarantee that you will complain again tomorrow, the next day and the day after that about anything and everything. That's why responsible grown ups avoid these places, not necessarily because of bad service or food but to avoid the very "people" that come to this site to complain.

You are cancer to the world. Guys.

Applebees Pros: Leaving the premises, Waitress, Poopy.

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How can you RUIN mashed potatos... goto applebees.tikxfi


Every comment that is posted to this letter is eventually deleted... hmmmmm


Yeah? Well thats just like, um your opinion man.

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