Middletown, New York
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Decided that our "Girls Night Out" would be held there. We order the spinach artichoke n chips.

The chips came out so saturated in old oil like if they were sitting there for hours. I ask the waitress to please bring us fresh one n instead she says well i don't think i can cuz they are all like that. Can you believe her? So we ask to speak to the manager.

She comes right over and also tells us the same ***, only difference is, she brings out a new batch. All along while her and her staff are making faces and talking about it right infront of us!!!! And the nasty chips were still unedible along with the dip. It was just Awful!!

Then the food comes out, n the presentation looked like a toddler put the food together, and my food was COLD!!! Not appetizing at all...

When I ordered a hot meal!That I thought would look and taste just as great as the Picture! Never Never Never Again!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Manager.

Monetary Loss: $55.

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What's wrong with you, Applebees is a very good restaurant and we've NEVER had a bad experience there. I think you are the problem. Stay home and make your own food.


Wow, Applebees on a girl's night out. You animal, you.

I suppose the server should have brought you out more *** chips instead of being honest with you.

Why don't you do that restaurant a favor and really get wild and stay home and scrapbook instead.


All of you are annoying and obviously have never worked in a a restaurant. Im sure you got free food so shut up quit complsining and eat some place else. Im sure they dont wsnt you back anyway.


It's Applebee's, not a 3+ Star restaurant.

You went to a ****y restaurant and they served you sh*t...duh. :x


Just think what they did to your meal b 4 they brought it to the table, i'll just leave b 4 I complain , cause you don't know whats happening in the kitchen


It must be Applebees as a whole, because I've been to several different restaurants and they're all terrible. Either the food is improperly cooked, or the service is terrible, or the food tastes bad, or the management is poor.

It really doesn't matter.

Anytime I've been to an Applebees I've had a bad experience. I'm just glad that I was never the one paying for it.


Personally, I would have walked out after the manager brought the same slop disguised as an appetizer.....did you think the meal was going to be any better given the previous attitude?


No, the manager brought a diff batch of chips. The first ones she had left with us on the table. I just thought to give them the benefit of the doubt...


Actually pictures aren't that tasty..unless you like paper and ink with those fries.

Bet you paid for it too. :p


Actually, i'm not sure how you normally order but pictures take a huge part in what a customer orders, it helps highten the consumers senses n makes your thought of choice that much more appetizing... But then again, I wouldn't expect for anyone who makes a comment like yours to have a sence of anything.

FYI... I didn't

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