Fort Myers, Florida
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Sirs & or Madam:

I have never not tipped a server but since my service was so bad at this location both me and my friend were obliged to leave without further interaction

We sat at the bar which was only half filled and politely asked the bartender to change one of the many televisions to a sporting event we went there to watch. He said he did not have time and it would take a while. OK…we could be patient. We ordered drinks then dinner.

My friend loves their Bourbon Street steak dinner so we ordered and waited. Some drinks later and 45 minutes the server came back…OK can you please change the station on the T? He still listened and ignored the request saying he would but was busy at the time.

Dinner never arrived and he finally asked why we did not have our meals served. How could we know? When he went back and checked he said that it had been standing on the side and was cold and he would have to re-order. That’s when we took the bill for the drinks and left.

I did use the restrooms and it was in deplorable condition with trash, bathroom paper and napkins littering the floor in the hallway to the rest rooms.

Needless to say we will never go back to this location. If he wants Bourbon Street steak dinner we will drive away to a different location. We are Fort Myers year round residents and frequent the restaurants during the off season summer months as they are normally too crowded during season here. So there goes your summer customer support.

I am enclosing the receipt from this night so you can see the location and the server. I will file a formal complaint online or on your Facebook page, just wanted to get this letter out to you asap.

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Not making big stink about not changing the channel, making a big stink because our dinner was allowed to sit on the side unnoticed, get cold and not served to us. Then we had to wait additional time for a re-order.

Over an hour for dinner, would you like that? Bartender said he has no control over the kitchen.

And we are adults certainly old enough to drink! Tv's are placed in sport bars so the customer can come in to dine and drink and watch...Right?


The bartender is usually backed up with drink orders and only a manager can authorize the changing of the channel. You should have requested the manager.


Are you even old enough to drinking, making a big stink because he did not change the channel on the television, it takes time and his job is to serve customers their foods and drinks not to change the channel of a television because some six year old's with fake ID does not like the shows that are being viewed.

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