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On September 7, 2015, there was a gospel revival being held in Atlantic City. My pastor was the guest preacher.

I rode with my son and three close friends. We were excited going to Atlantic City to church and got an early start to experience some of the sales on Labor Day weekend at the local stores. After shopping, we were famished and decided on a quick meal at Applebee’s (129 N Michigan Ave), so as not to be too late for the church service. Upon arriving at Applebee’s, we were offered a booth that would not accommodate five large adults.

There was a really large table next to it that would have accommodated us. The Manager, John Pezio was saving it for any larger party that had not yet arrived but might arrive. He said a larger party would definitely arrive at some point so we could not sit there. The only other alternative was a high table in the bar area.

We don’t drink and the bar was not a comfortable place to sit because of the height of the stools and table in addition to the bar. Time was short so we sat there anyway. The waitress came over and began to run down a list of alcoholic beverages. We informed her that we don’t drink and if we could just order we would appreciate it as we were in a rush.

She insisted against our will as she said this is Applebee’s policy. She informed us that if she did not continue, we might complain and if we did, we would get free mozzarella cheese sticks. We insisted that we just wanted to order food and would not complain as we were running late. She took the orders from the five of us and went to place our orders.

After about fifteen minutes, as we anxiously awaited our food, we were approached by the manager accompanied by an over 6 ft tall security guard! The manager said, “I have made a decision not to serve you because I will not tolerate rudeness to my employees! There we sat in shock! He continued saying his waitress came to him crying she was so upset.

He refused to listen to our side of the story.

There we sat embarrassed and humiliated until we were escorted out of Applebee’s by the security guard! This Applebee’s experience has been the worst experience yet at a restaurant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Applebees Cons: Management.

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I’m sure you guys said, “We aren’t trying to hear all that. We just want to order our food so take our order because we are in a hurry!” Or probably worse with harsher tone.

She kindly and afraid for being fired was like look let me quickly read the script so I don’t get in trouble and you guys get a free app which penalized me later. She was so scared of being in trouble over the free app deal and not reading the drinks/specials that she went to her manager and said you yelled at her so she was unable to complete the task. Manager came out to ask you and there we go. That’s what really happened and the second you walked into an Applebee’s demanding large tables and snapping fingers at waitresses because YOU are in a hurry meant your table was always going to be a headache.

It’s Applebee’s. It’s a dorky chain and they read you the drink list and ask if they can “get you started” on something. Kindly say no thank you we would prefer to simply order if we may. You’ll order.

That didn’t happen so there was conflict. This wasn’t on Applebee’s.

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