Sioux City, Iowa
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All four of my friends got food poisoning from the same apple bees at the same time in the past week. All of them complained that the service was horrible and then to top it all off they get food poisoning and have to take a week off.

They need to check an make sure there kitchen is clean and there food is fresh.

They had good that looked all disgusting and since they had all there friends there to meet up anyways they ate. They all took a week off of work because the staff at apple need can't clean there kitchen up!!!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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How do you know that the staff at Applebee's didn't clean the kitchen. Did your friends go to the doctor to be diagnosed with food poisoning?

If not you can't be sure that they had food poisoning. Furthermore, you must not be aware of the fact that any place that handles food, including grocery stores, are inspected on a regular basis. This inspection is done by a city health inspector and if the place doesn't receive a certain score they are given a deadline to get the problem fixed. Some of these inspections are done without warning.

Get your facts straight before you make accusations. Another thing, aren't your friends mature enough to do their own complaining.

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