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I was at applebees about 3 weeks ago i was eating with my coworkers when i was spit on by someone from 2nd floor of your store i complained to manager and he never came over to the table i complained again to waitress and thats when the manger came over we asked him to check cameras to see who spit at me and he refused to check the manager was very nasty i was so upset that is disgusting what they did to me i even complained to customer service the same day it happened and no one responded back its so sad that no one at customer service could respond to my complaint

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Manager.

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You might want to go to your doctor and get some blood work telling what you may have caught.


Hope she enjoys her AIDS.

First B

But seriously I agree with the poster, what do you expect them to do about it? Yeah they could check the cameras but chances are the person was gone by then. That person should be the one you are angry at not the restaurant, that person should be the one that apologizes not the restaurant.

First B

Was that you who was spit on. I am really sorry I was aiming for the waitress not you.

@First B

Agrees with other poster, get blood work done but you who I quoted may want to work on your aim, because there is no excuse spitting on someone innocent when you are aiming for another victim.


So someone who does not work there spit on you and you are angry at the restaurant? Did this really happen or are you making it up to get a free meal? The person who spit on you is probably long gone by now so they cannot see who it was anyways.

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