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Due to travel, and company, I am finally getting to contact you. My name is Margaret Verlato, and I live in McMurray, PA.

We frequent your establishment on Washington Road, and like your 2 for $20, and other items on your menu. Mid-May we went over for dinner. Your 2 for $20 was reduced to a small section of a page and the 2 for $20 sirloin was only listed as one prepared with lime sauce. Thinking it was the only selection, I thought a lime taste might not be so bad.

The food came, and I tasted the meat. Not only was the meat hot, but also the potatoes, squash and beans were doused with lime juice and chili sauce. It was so hot that I only ate a small portion. Also, I commented to the waitress.

I asked why the selection did not have s symbol indicating that this was a hot meal, or why there was not an explanation that a plain steak could be ordered in place of the one shown.

The Manager said I could have another steak. However, the meal was ruined, and I had lost my appetite. She then offered us a free shooter dessert. I asked for a regular sunday, while my husband took the shooter.

We live close to your restaurant, and have been going there quite often, over the past number of years. My suggestion, please be more explicit on your menu.

Your Manager was very nice, but it was too much, too little, too late!

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She offered you a new steak and a free dessert just because you didn't like what you ordered. Its not like they screwed your order up, you just didn't like it.

Anytime you try something new that is a risk you take. What they offered you should have more than made up for it.

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