Beaumont, Texas

On Dec 2 I was at Applebee's, 1721 Morris Ave, Union,NJ. The patrons at a table a few feet from me started yelling.

There was a mouse running around their feet....yuck! How disgusting! Monday morning I called customer complaints. They told me that the manager from that particular Applebee's would call and he did.

He apologized over and over again and offered me Applebee's discount cards totaling $50 dollars. He said he'd mail them right away. A week went by,no cards. Spoke with the manager again, he said he sent them to the wrong address and would send them again.

Another week and a half still no cards. Called the manager again, he says he sent the cards certified mail and no one was home to receive them so they took them back to the post office and I'd have to pick them up from there. I told him that the mailman never left a notice saying I have mail at the post office! He starting complaining about how terrible the service was at the Post Office!

He then tells me that all I have to do is go to the local P.O, with my ID and they will look for my mail!!!! I told him no and that I will be coming to Applebee's to pick them up personally!

Finally yesterday, December 28 I got the cards. Customer service was no help and the manager was incompetent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Manager.

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Why don't you get a job instead of going out of your way to get free food. They don't owe you anything, they are not responsible for the loud customers and unfortunately restaurants have mice running around all the time.

All this trouble to get a free meal because you do not want to get a job.

Why you are even too lazy to go to the PO with your ID to get the coupons. You deserve nothing, them to show you the door.


Mice are cute.

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