Brooklyn, New York

I ordered a meal which was fried shrimp with french fries and it also came with a small coleslaw. The entire meal was salty, even the ketchup and tarter sauce.

The only thing that wasn't salty was the coleslaw. I thought the reason why the salt and pepper was on the table was for the guess to add extra salt to their food as the pleased.

Oh boy! That's a heart attack waiting to happen.

Applebees please take this advice into consideration and stop over doing it with the salt.

Just a dash goes a long way. Besides from that the employees have always been extremely certious

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The last time I ever ate at an Applebee's was the same night I saw the midnight premire of the last Harry Potter movie. We ate there before we went to see the film and the food was so salty I was puking in the parking lot of the movie theater.

Really ruined that experience for me. It wasn't the first time I got violently ill within a few hours of eating what I noticed was becoming progressively saltier food, but it certainly was the last.


I worked at Applebee's....never saw the cooks salt the food

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