Southfield, Michigan

I must admit I'm both surprised and disappointed that Applebees offers not a single vegan item. Astonished, really.

I guess the organization really doesn't want my business, or that of anyone I happen to be dining with at the time (or the same from any other vegan around, the numbers of which are growing every year). More and more restaurants are including vegan dishes on their menu for a wide variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it is good for business, given that any vegan in a dining party is likely to have veto power over the choice of restaurants if they are unable to find anything to eat there.

This seems singularly behind the times for Applebees to offer nothing vegan.

Applebees should consider taking a page out of Ruby Tuesday's book. Even a 'burger joint' Red Robin has good options for vegans.

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You can order a vegetable plate. It's not on the actual menu but it's in the computer and can be ordered.

You could also get a rice bowl with or without vegetables. If you don't see an option that interests you, talk to the server or manager and they can offer something to fit what you want.


Have a salad.

Funny M

More money in meat. Most places could care less about vegans.

Vegans have their own restaurants. As for veto that is messed up that you would do that.

Suck it up eat a salad and let them enjoy what they are suppose to eat. Meat is better for you than any salad you will ever eat.


Vegan is not dining! It is eating.

I Ate a vegan burger once and I swear it was made out of sawdust. Then went to a burger joint and got a real hamburger.


I can always find something. It's our choice to eat as we do, don't be one of those people that thinks everyone has to cater to what YOU do. Suck it up.


I have yet to see a vegan dish at any restaurant I eat at. Eat at home. We like meat.

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