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I am writing this as I sit in the restaurant. From 3:30 - 4:30 pm. Other customers and I were forced to listen to unprofessional LOUD opinionated discussions about sex, homosexuality, politics, the president....etc. that I REALLY WAS ANNOYED AT! How unprofessional to broadcast your opinions as a Manager and staff of the restaurant to an audience of paying customers that totally did not care what he thought and wished he would shut up!

I had all I could do to not get in his face.

We cut our meal short and left.

As long as this manager is here we will not return.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Manager.

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*your at a restruant to eat and enjoy it and leave. Hes there to work and make money. Not discuss personal matters in a loud mannered tone in the dining room too out of all places.



First of all I have worked at applebees before but what the manager did was extremely unprofessional and if he wanted to talk about that he shoule have went to the kitchen or office to discuss it with someone. And to the waitress you really need to divide your personal emotions and opinions from a proffesional work enviroment from your civilian off clock enviroment, two complelely different enviroments.


as a waitress I am appalled by this. Just because we work in a restaurant you feel that we aren't worthy of having an opinion?

I have to listen to my customers' opinions all day long...and I do not get upset about it or tell them to stop! The right of freedom of speech does not subside just because someone is on the clock!!

lil s

I am pretty sure the people on here defending the managers speech are connected to Applebees in some way.

From what I have seen,one of the qualifications to be an Applebees manager is that you must have no common sense and the etiquette of a cockroach.


FORCED to listen? Their words physically shoved you down into your seat and would not allow you to leave?

I'm curious as to where their discussion was taking place...right next to your table? Behind the counter? In the kitchen?

Honestly, if it bothered you that much, why didn't you just leave and go elsewhere? Or request to be seated at a different table?

My guess is that their views were different than yours and THAT'S why you were offended.


"I had all I could do to not get in his face."

You should have sat on his face.


Kevin, you ***. It is decibels, not decimals. :grin


i want to know what are their views about sex and all that. and if you did not liek it dont go back you just don't like the manager cause his views are not as yours if they were the same you would not care if they were fifty decimals louder.

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