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We received about half our order. It is sad when you use the online order and walk in to pick up the food, that people can't make sure your complete order is fulfilled.

My wife called and discussed this with a manager. She is mich more understanding than me. She only got accomplished a reimbursement of the cost of the items that we didn't bring home 15 minutes away. Yes 15 there and 15 back and the time there.

He should have offered at least.... something Pretty disappointed.

My order bill was 105.00 worth with tip. SAD!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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San Jose, California, United States #1331249

Having had the misfortune of working at an Applebee's, I can tell you that takeout orders are the lowest priority. The servers don't care about your takeout order because they are focused on their patrons dining at tables.

The cooks don't care because they never see customers anyway and they know you are not out in the diningroom and are less likely to complain. No one really has an vested interest in whether your order is right and orders are generally slopped together.

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