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On 11/15/14 myself along with my husband went to the Applebee's in Milledgeville Georgia; we walked in at approximately 8:00 PM. We were immediately greeted by the hostess upon entering and she ask how many was in our party! I replied two; I then requested to be seated at a table where my husband could watch the Georgia vs Auburn football game that was on that evening, and she complied and sat us in an area to the right; second table that seats two on your left. After being seated about five minutes or so our waitress walked over and took our orders. Ten minutes later the waitress returned and ask if we wanted to buy a gift card and I replied NO thank you but she still DIDN'T have our drinks; after another 10 minutes or so our drinks arrived my husband ordered a Mist soft drink and I ordered a perfect margarita. After sitting at the table 45 minutes and after having already placed our orders for a spinach dip appetizer; and we had also ordered our main entree but had not received anything after 45 minutes of waiting! If it wasn't for the game being on we would have left and may I add; this was not a busy night when we arrived I could count the customers on one hand most were men sitting at the bar watching the Georgia vs Auburn game. At approximately 8:45 PM in walks this party of 8 or more which I will add we're all white and they walked right in and sat down at the table to our left; the hostess walked up to them and ask them to return to the front and wait to be seated; unfortunately they ended up sitting to the left of us anyway! As soon as they were seated they requested to turn the TV to another football game that was on that night where Florida State was playing! And without question the channel was changed; without taking into consideration our party and the other by then 3 families that we're watching the Georgia vs Auburn game which was on first and we were all there and had been there for some time and still had not received our food. Once we called the waitress over and asked why was the TV changed being that we all had been here, seated and requested to watch the game before this party arrived; she proceeded to go get her manager! Which was a white female that wore glasses; she came out and explained to the other party that she had to turn the channel back to the previous game because our party along with other guest were seated first and had requested to watch the Georgia game. One man in that party stated that he called a head to let them know they would be watching the game there; even though she THE MANAGER on duty replied that she had NO confirmation of that call ever being made; she still proceeded to come over and advised our party as well as two other families who were all seated and arrived at least an hour before this party that she had to accommodate them! When I questioned her as to how is that FAIR to us; being that I heard her explain to their party that she had NO confirmation of him reserving a table that she still chose to turn the TV! She the MANAGER proceeds to tell me she can move our party to another table! Now that's Unacceptable for me; I dare you try and move me and my husband who has now been waiting 50 plus minutes and still NO food had arrived Not even the appetizer! So that's when I stood picked up my purse and told her we were leaving; and then she the Manager said all over a game Mam! I replied yet again to this poor excuse of Leadership NO we're leaving because it's about customer service which is something you know nothing about! If we were seated first, arrived first, and requested a certain table to watch the game then we along with the other families that left because of her poor choice to turn the TV; should be accommodated first! This lady has NO idea of what management and leader ship skills require and she needs and should and will be Fired when my attorney is DONE with this situation! Yes I have contacted my personal attorney about the treatment of me and my husband on this night, and I'm prepared to file a lawsuit for racial discrimination; not only did she ruin our dinner it was our Anniversary weekend! I also have the contact information for the other two families that left as well, and even two Employees; which I won't reveal but has advised they will speak on my behalf! Yes I'm very serious about this situation and I will not tolerate Racial Discrimination to be placed upon me and look the other way Never! Like I told her The Manager on duty I have 5 flat screen TV's at home it wasn't about the game it was the PRINCIPLE and the poor consideration and lack of judgment she made on the matter! So I'm giving this complaint 48 hours; if I don't here back within 48 hours on a resolution to how and what is and has been done about this matter I will move forward with my lawsuit and contact any all news stations that I know will air this story; that is not a threat it's a PROMISE! I'm a person status in my community and I hold two degrees very established, successful and educated; which is why it's very important to KNOW when you are working with the public you have to be very careful how you treat people you never know who you may be serving! And I will not let this issue Go until I have been made aware that this Manager that was working on the evening of 11/15/14 in the Milledgeville Ga's Applebee's is no longer managing anyone until she has been properly trained on how and what Customer service Means! It's VERY bad for business when the hostess follows you outside and say to you Mam I'm so sorry that was wrong what she just did very very wrong! Which is something The Manager is suppose to be doing! Need I add we ordered $70.00 in food and drinks that after 55 minutes or so we NEVER received; so again that's money lost for your business; since I heard the party of 8 that arrived 45 minutes later; chose their own table; requested to changed the TV and was accommodate by this Manager of yours say they just wanted a few beers! I'm sure our value was worth more!

Very Disappointed Customer You have 48 Hours to Reply with a reasonable corrected form of action towards the service we received from this Manger or I'm prepared to take this issue as far as I have to!

Mrs. Marnquie Daniels-Liggins


Home Phone: 478-552-9698

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Applebees Cons: Customer service.

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The new way the doing odear food or services sucks wait times and not ask to where like to sit at I like the old services better this is wrose then Mc Donald's


What I have never been able to figure out is why anybody would pay good money to go out and eat, to watch a *** sporting event, when they can be watched at home a lot cheaper. Furthermore, if a man ever took me out to dine and watch a game, that would be the last time.

I don't waste my time watching sports on TV or in person.

Furthermore, when I go out with people, be it men or women, I expect to be able to have good conversation, not listening to a bunch of sports nuts trying to referee an event that the live event can't even hear them.


Doesn't sound like a racial issue and any normal judge would throw it out! Get use to bad customer service.

It is all over and whether you are black, white, red, orange... it happens. Best thing to do is take you business elsewhere. These box store/franchise food companies are notorious for bad service.

Some are great, some are bad. You have to *** out those!

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