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I am writing about issues with a recent visit at the Morganton Location of Applebee's. On Sunday, May 24, 2015, I along with a friend decided to visit the Morganton Applebee's as we have six or eight times since this location opened several months ago.

Until Sunday's visit I had not had a problem with "service" but this time my friend and I noticed that after we were seated, a long time passed probably ( 10 or 15 minutes ) until a server came to take our beverage order. We then waited more time to get our food order taken. As a courtesy according to the server, she listed "water" on the receipt since as she said we had to "wait so long" this item shows 0.00 on my receipt.

As I have asked every time I have visited this Applebee's, "Do you have Diet Mountain Dew?" and the answer is NO. We have Pepsi and Diet Pepsi as soft drink choices. (As you probably know, Diet Mountain Dew IS a Pepsi product) So I ordered a Diet Pepsi, even though I do not like Diet Pepsi because my other choice would have been water since I do not consume alcoholic beverages. I have ordered a Cherry Limeaid once or twice, but these are considerably higher than a soft drink.

Despite the wait and lack of additional soft drink choices, the food I ordered was good. After I came home Sunday, I thought about this experience and yesterday (Tuesday) I went online and used a "form" to file a complaint. Today, Wednesday, after running errands, when I got home, I noticed a call on my caller ID with "Applebee's" and the Morganton restaurant phone number.

This upsets me since my earlier 'complaint' was intended to send a message to someone other than the local management staff because I have complained to them about the lack or soft drink choices, so I don't need to continue to speak to the local management staff. I do eat out at other local restaurants frequently, and most if not all of the local restaurants offer Diet Mountain Dew OR a "clear" Diet soft drink such as Diet Sierra Mist.

Is it too much too ask that Applebee's at least offer "similar" choices offered by other restaurants ? Golden Corral is located next door to Applebee's in Morganton, and they offer several Diet soft drink choices as well as most other local eating establishments in Morganton.

I find it puzzling that my complaint was "directed" to the local restaurant since I could have once again asked about an issue that apparently they cannot or will not do anything about. When you think about it, I spent $ 11.20 to WAIT to eat a Bacon Hamburger and drink a Diet Pepsi. I could have spent about half as much next door at Highway 55 in Morganton Heights Shopping Center, and Highway 55 has Diet Mountain Dew !

To make matters worse, on Sunday when I visited the Applebee's online site where I left my complaint, I was shocked to see a large number of people who had also complained about visits to Applebee's throughout North Carolina. Later while looking at my Facebook Page, again I was surprised to see another friend I attended high school with in a conversation with other Facebook friends who were commenting about their experiences at the Morganton Applebee's saying they were "less than impressed" and one person commented "I won't be back"

In closing, if you or someone other than the "local" management staff cannot contact me, I guess I will start eating at other restaurants in the future. About twenty years ago, Applebee's opened a restaurant in nearby Hickory, NC, and although I only visited once or twice, I seem to remember a much happier experience there. Again, I can go in person and talk to the local manager, but since I have done that on several occasions, I do not need this email "sent" directly to that restaurant because they are aware of my concerns. To continue that activity would be a waste of my time, and I feel I have wasted enough time asking for a soft drink that I enjoy and is widely available at other restaurants.


Richard Garrison

Morganton, NC 28655

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Applebees Cons: Customer service, Service.

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If you were as smart as you think you are, you would know this isn't the web site for Applebees. You are on a general complaint site. Furthermore, if you quit eating there, I'm sure they won't miss your business.


Why would you be shocked to see online complaints? Any company with multiple locations is going to have online complaints.

Where do you shop for food, clothing, household items, etc? Check online and look at all the complaints against those companies. There is nothing shocking about it at all.

People love to complaint. Just look at this website.

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