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On January 14, 2017, my wife and I went out to celebrate her new job and we decided to go to the Applebee's Restaurant at 3028 South Memorial Parkway in Huntsville, Alabama, an establishment that we had enjoyed several times before. We arrived at approximately 4:40pm and were seated.

The restaurant was busy but there were several tables around us that were empty. First, we waited 5 minutes for initial service - no problem. At 5:05pm, we ordered our entrée. I finally got tired of waiting at 5:45pm and asked to speak to the manager.

I asked the hostess if there was a particular problem that night and she had no answer except to ask us not to leave. Ten minutes later, the manager came by and we told him we never got our meal and we want to leave. He showed little concern with our satisfaction but only how much money he would get out of us to make our visit not a waste for Applebee's. He added up that we had a pina colada, an iced tea, a half-priced appetizer and two salads.

I didn't even want the salads but they were complimentary because we ordered from the two for 25 menu. But, he was going to get his money for the salads even though I didn't even come for that. Bottom line - I have NEVER gone into an establishment, like some people do, to look for a way to get something free but in this case I would have, thought a whole lot more of and, forgiven Applebee's much faster if the manager would have said, we are very sorry for your experience and please except what you had been served at no charge. Instead, he was adding every penny to get a total of $21.56 out of us for a small part of a meal that we didn't even come for that night.

Our night out was ruined, but you should be proud of that manager for scrounging money from a dissatisfied customer.

His insensitive actions will make our family spread the word about Applebee's greed. Kurt Everhart 6000 Georgia Mountain Road Guntersville, Alabama 35976 256-505-9166

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $22.

Preferred solution: Treat dissatisfied customer with more concern..

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Do y’all realize this website isn’t really HR? Like you’re posting all this info for no reason


So what? It is up to them, duh!


Like I said I do not expect bad service and am not used to poor service, even from my wife. I expect my food on the table in a timely matter.

If it is not I slap her. Fortunately this only had to happen once before she learned her lesson.


First of all the manager gave you something for free and you are demanding more. I think that you got what was acceptable.

Why did you not slap the manager for not giving you more things for free? Most likely because he is man and he will either put you in your place and or have you charged with assault. You do expect things for free. If you did not why are you demanding more than what they offered you.

I hope your wife finds the courage to report you to the police and move out if you ever slap her again. Hope you end up in jail for domestic abuse. Hope the other prisoners find out why you are in jail. They don't take kindly to people that beat their wives and you will soon learn that you are not as tough as you think you are.

Don't worry about getting your food late in jail.

They feed you at a specific time so you do not have to slap anyone. You will even get your meals free at the expense of tax payers.


One more thing, as I mentioned I am not used to bad service. If my wife had not put food on the table in a timely manner I would have slapped her. Fortunately I only had to do this once and she learned her lesson.


One more thing, when my wife cooks if she did not have the food on the table when I was ready ton eat I would have slapped her. Fortunately this only had to happen once and she figured out when to start cooking so that I can have my food in a timely manner.


Ok Kevin, that's terrible but what does that have to do with this person's complaint?


One more thing I would like to add, they are lucky that they are not married to me, because if my wife ever did not get the food on the table in a timely manner I would slap her. Fortunately she learned her lesson as it only happened once.

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