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These are my thoughts, gathered from my experience at this particular place of business. In-part, based on other factors, not listed, due to possible legalities.

This is also, my opinion and interpertation of what occured. You may or may not have experienced the same series of events, or had the same experirnce. I went to Applebee's in Albertville, AL. around 11:00 p.m., just to have something to drink.

I had been on the road all day, and my mouth was very dry. When I walked in, the place was almost empty, except for two tables pushed together, with I think a large Mexican family, (I am using nationality because I think in this situation it might be relevant) and a couple other tables where caucasions sat, and the table I was seated, next to another Mexican, (I'm assuming) family. I sat there for about ten minutes, thirsty- but no one waited on me, so I got up and asked a woman at the bar why. She kept trying to convince me to sit at the bar, but I declined, saying it had been a long day, that I just wanted a drink and then head home.

She said she would get someone, but it was yet another five/seven minutes, before the waitress came over. I gave her my order and she asked if I'd like water too, and I said yes, PLEASE. During the entire time I was waiting, she went to the table next to mine, where the Mexican family sat, SEVERAL TIMES, almost as if she was trying to "make some sort of point," not making any eye contact with me at all. I sat there for another ten/fifteen minutes, and watched her ask the same table at least four times in this ten/fifteen minutes time frame, if they needed anything, while I sat there waiting on my drink.

I was patient, and curteous, smiling as other staff walked by. Finally, she came out with my drink, and quickly left. Again, she went to the same table about four/five times, asking if they needed anything, along with another man NOT in Applebee's attire, (sweat pants outfit) taking their empty beer and attending to them. Not one individual looked my way or asked if I needed anything else.

I needed that water, because I was very thirsty, and I only had one "drink" which would not curb my thirst. I didn't have time to ask about my water the first time, because she took off so fast after sitting it down. After continuing to wait a few more minutes, and their OBVIOUS DISPLAY of disregard, I, once again, got up and asked the woman at the bar what was going on. She got the manager, and she too, kept trying to convince me to sit at the bar.

Once again, I refused, saying I was tired and just needed some water, PLEASE. She kept asking me if I wanted something to eat, and I kept saying no, I just needed some water, PLEASE. FINALLY- after what seemed like me needing to plea/ build my case for water, she brought some over to my table, with lemon in it. I don't drink lemon in my water- I don't like the taste.

She didn't ask if I wanted lemon, but there it was. The day before it was placed in my tea, and the waitress said I could just "fish" it out- I can't stand lemon in my drinks- period. She copped an attitude when I asked her to PLEASE bring me another tea. It took her about ten/fifteen minutes to bring me another tea.

I eat there as a regular customer, and tip the twenty percent. I clean up after myself, smile, and am ALWAYS curteous/polite. I ALWAYS say PLEASE and THANK YOU. I have ALWAYS been kind to EVERYONE there.

I have NEVER complained about the food, or their service before. By the time I got my water, about thirty minutes had passed. I was so disappointed, because only about four tables were there, and several waitresses were working. I felt ignored, and reverse discriminated against.

Why? Because it seemed almost "intentional." No one goes to one table that much, in succession, in that amount of time - and not one, but TWO people waiting on that ONE table at the same time. BOTH walked over at the same time, asking if they were ok, or needed anything, almost as if they were putting on a show for me. The place was just about empty that time of night.

It just didn't make any sense. After the second time I got up to address the situation, I saw my waitress look over at me and outwardly giggle, as she walked back towards the kitchen- she made no attempt to hide the fact she thought it was funny I had to get up twice to inquire about my service. That was the last straw. I got up after the water was brought over, and asked how much my drinks were, and in an unusually loud voice, the manager said, "Nothing, if you're not going to drink them!" So, I quietly got up from my table and left.

I will NEVER eat there again. The table behind me, where two caucasion people were eating, just sat there as well, not being attended to as much as the other table. When I got up, they both hung their heads down, as if to non-verbally communicate their feelings regarding my experience, and quite possible their own.

There is more to this than I am willing to place here, but something I might consider discussing with legal counsel, at a later date. I am not 'pissed" but taken aback.

Product or Service Mentioned: Applebees Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"Legal Counsel" Good one!


There is no such thing as "reverse discrimination". It's just plain old discrimination, nothing "reverse" about it. Applebee's a cesspool anyway.